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Volume 5, 4 Issues, 2017

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Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

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Ijeoma F. Uchegbu
Department of Pharmaceutics
University of London

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Articles Ahead of Print

An Appraisal on Various Methods of Nano Particulate Formulations

Bindu Dhiman, Divtrannum Bhalla, Anju Dhiman* and Sapna Saini

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Biocompatible Synthetic and Semi-synthetic Polymers - A Patent Analysis

Balu Ranganathan*, Charles Miller and Anthony Sinskey

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Cytotoxicity of Nanomaterials: Using Nanotoxicology to Address the Safety Concerns of Nanoparticles

Mohd Aslam Saifi, Wahid Khan and Chandraiah Godugu*

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Preparation of Mesalamine Nanoparticles Using a Novel Polyurethane- Chitosan Graft Copolymer

Farzad Mirabbasi, Abolghasem Moghimi, Shadab shahsavari, Niloofar Babanejad, Simin Seifirad and Farid Dorkoosh*

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Microsponge Embedded Tablet for Sustained Delivery of Nifedipine

Rahul Maheshwari, Piyoosh Sharma, Muktika Tekade, Umesh Atneriya, Kamal Dua, Philp M. Hansbroe and Rakesh Tekade*

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Design, Optimization and Characterization of Granisetron HCl Loaded Nano-gel for Transdermal Delivery

Vikash Kumar*, Hema Chaudhary and Geeta Aggarwal

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Development and Characterization of Gefitinib Loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles by Ionic Gelation Method

Minakshi Gupta, Harish Dureja* and Rakesh Kumar Marwaha

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A Self-nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System for Poorly Water Soluble Tolbutamide: Development, Optimization and Pharmacodynamic Studies

Deepti Pandita*, Neelam Kumari and Viney Lather

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Development of Timolol Maleate Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles for Improved Ocular Delivery

Deepak Kaushik*, Ajay Saroha and Parijat Pandey

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T-shaped Peptide Amphiphiles Self Assemble into Nanofiber Networks

Funmilola A. Fisusi, Rebecca Notman, Louis A. Granger, John P. Malkinson, Andreas G. Schätzlein and Ijeoma F. Uchegbu*

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Vesicular Systems Containing Curcumin and Their Applications in Respiratory Disorders – A Mini Review

Dinesh Kumar Chellappan*, Philip Michael Hansbro, Kamal Dua, Alan Hsu, Gaurav Gupta, Zhao Yin Ng, Jin-Ying Wong, Jestin Chellian and Jithendra Panneerselvam

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Chitosan and Its Derivatives in Nanocarrier Based Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems

Kamal Dua*, Mary Bebawy, Rajendra Awasthi, Rakesh K. Tekade, Muktika Tekade, Gaurav Gupta, Terezinha De Jesus Andreoli Pinto and Philip M. Hansbro

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Updated Regulatory Considerations for Nanomedicines

Sankarankutty Subin, Venugopal Vijayan and Jaya Raja Kumar*

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Intranasal Drug Delivery: A Non-Invasive Approach for the Better Delivery of Neurotherapeutics

Umesh Gupta*, Hitesh Kumar, Gaurav Mishra, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Avinash Gothwal and Prashant Kesharwani

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Aspergillus fischeri Mediated Biosynthesis of Gold Nanoparticles and their Beneficially Comparative Effect on Normal and Cancer Cell Lines

Kangkana Banerjee and Ravishankar Rai Vittal*

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C60-fullerenes as Drug Delivery Carriers for Anticancer Agents: Promises and Hurdles

Manish Kumar and Kaisar Raza*

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