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Volume 5, 4 Issues, 2017

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Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering

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The Effects of the Red–Green and Blue–Yellow Pathways on Audiovisual Integration

Dandan Li, Bin Wang*, Ting Li, Jie Xiang and Haifang Li

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Visual Motion Processing Areas in the Human Brain Based on a Wide-Field Retinotopic Mapping Technique

Rulan Bai , Miaomiao Liu , Nan Mu , Xiaoshan Bi , Wenhui Wang, Bin Wang , Jinglong Wu , Qiyong Guo and Tianyi Yan*

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Current Screening Tests and Novel Early Detection Approaches for Alzheimer’s Disease

Mohd Usairy Syafiq, Jiajia Yang*, Yinghua Yu and Jinglong Wu

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Bigger Influence by Smaller Particles in Tactile-Visual Cross-Modal Roughness Perception of Fine Surface

Mohd Usairy Syafiq, Jiajia Yang*, Yinghua Yu and Jinglong Wu

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Mechanical Evaluation of Osteonecrosis of Femoral Head Pre- and Post- Medical Treatment: Patient-Specific Computations

Qi Tang, Haijun He, Weiheng Chen, Zhaotong Zhang, Yue Yue and Duanduan Chen*

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Inter- and Intrahemispheric Coherence of Electroencephalography Peaks in Children with Autism

Alvin Sahroni , Tomohiko Igasaki , Nobuki Murayama and Yudiyanta None

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Differences in Corticomotor Excitability Between Hemispheres Following Performance of a Novel Motor Training Task

Luc Holland, Bernadette Murphy*, Steven Passmore and Paul Yielder

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Similar Neural Substrate For Font-size Processing in Bilinguals: An fMRI Study

Zhenglong Lin, Jiajia Yang, Xiujun Li, Geqi Qi, Hongzan Sun, Qiyong Guo and Jinglong Wu

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