Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, Volume 4 - Number 5

Stereochemistry as a Determinant of the Anti-Leukemic Potency of Halopyridyl and Thiazolyl Thiourea Compounds

, 4(5): 318 - 326

Taracad K. Venkatachalam, Alexi O. Vassilev, Alexi Benyunov, Olga O. Grigoriants, Heather E. Tibbles and Fatih M. Uckun

DOI: 10.2174/157018007780867870

The Tumor Necrosis Factor-Derived TIP Peptide: A Potential Anti-Edema Drug

, 4(5): 336 - 340

Rudolf Lucas, Harald Hundsberger, Maren Pfluger, Bernhard Fischer, Denis Morel, Clemens Braun, Albrecht Wendel, Trinad Chakraborty, Wolfgang Schutt, Christoph Wiesner and Jurg Hamacher

DOI: 10.2174/157018007780867816

Synthesis and Cytotoxic Activity of Cisplatin Analogue with an Ursodeoxycholate Ligand

, 4(5): 341 - 345

Martin Perez-Andres, Juan Jose Benito, Emilio Rodriguez-Fernandez, Juan Luis Manzano, Susana Barrena, Alberto Orfao and Julio Jose Criado

DOI: 10.2174/157018007780867898

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