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"Letters in Drug Design & Discovery should be available in every library in the pharmaceutical industry and in universities."

R. F. Borne, Associate Director
Laboratory for Applied Drug Design and Synthesis, The University of Mississippi, USA

Forthcoming Special Issues

Opportunities and challenges in anticandidal drug discovery and development

Guest Editor(s): Mohammad Abid
Tentative Publication Date: April, 2018
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Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, Volume 15, Number 03
Guest Editor(s): Gokhan Zengin, Marcello Locatelli

Authors' Comments
I would like to thank Bentham Science Publishers for their peerless effort to keep up scientists and students updated with the latest science and research work. Actually, Bentham assists researchers to achieve their goals to spread their reputation worldwide. I have experienced sincere, efficient and effective communication while dealing with Bentham team members. I intend to submit my work to Bentham and try to pick up journals that match my research profile. I have submitted a recent work to Medicinal Chemistry and nowadays I am drafting a manuscript targeting Current Pharmaceutical Design. Honestly, no words neither sentences would express my gratefulness and admiration. Bentham has offered my institution three months trial to access their journal lists and surf on its Board. This free access trial fulfills my literature review and broadens my horizon to absorb the recent research in pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry. Finally, I wish Bentham more success and achievement!

Dima Sabbah
(Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan)

Letters in Drug Design & Discovery


Volume 15


Number 6

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Research Article

Research Article

Research Article

Research Article

Synthesis, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Metal Complexes of 2-thiouracil-hydroxyquinoline Derivatives

, 15(6): 602 - 611

Apilak Worachartcheewan*, Ratchanok Pingaew, Decha Lekcharoen, Supaluk Prachayasittikul*, Somsak Ruchirawat and Virapong Prachayasittikul

DOI: 10.2174/1570180814666170922163828

Research Article

Research Article

Research Article

Synthesis and Anticancer Properties of Methyl N1-(thien-4-yl)amidrazone- 3-carboxylates

Ali M. Almansour, Jalal A. Zahra*, Salim S. Sabri, Mustafa M. El-Abadelah, Malik A. Zihlif and Mutasem O. Taha

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New 1,3-oxazolylphosphonium Salts as Potential Biocides: QSAR Study, Synthesis, Antibacterial Activity and Toxicity Evaluation

Maria M. Trush*, Vasyl Kovalishyn, Alla D. Ocheretniuk, Larisa E. Kalashnikova, Volodymyr M. Prokopenko, Oleksandr V. Holovchenko, Oleksandr L. Kobzar, Volodymyr S. Brovarets and Larisa O. Metelytsia

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Synthesis and Antioxidant Activities of Ferrocenyl-containing Curcumin Analogues

Xianjiao Meng, Shengling Li, Wenbing Ma*, Jianlong Wang, Zhiyong Hu and Duanlin Cao

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Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Gemfibrozil-Stilbene Hybrid as Antioxidant Agent

Rosa Amoroso, Lidia Leporini, Ivana Cacciatore, Lisa Marinelli, Alessandra Ammazzalorso, Isabella Bruno, Barbara De Filippis, Marialuigia Fantacuzzi, Cristina Maccallini, Luigi Menghini, Antonio Di Stefano and Letizia Giampietro*

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Synthesis, in silico and Antifungal Studies of Novel Thiophene Analogues Containing Pyrazole Ring

Helmi Mohammed Al-Maqtari, Joazaizulfazli Jamalis*, Subhash Chander, Hasnah Mohd Sirat , Shivalingegowda Naveen, Neratur K. Lokanath, Siti Pauliena Mohd Bohari, Deepak P. Bhagwat and Murugesan Sankaranarayanan

View Abstract

Radioprotective Effect of Sinapic Acid Against Genotoxicity and Apoptosis Induced by Ionizing Radiation on Human Lymphocytes

Fatemeh Alizadeh, Mohammad Asghari, Seyedeh Atekeh Torabizadeh, Najmeh Rahmanian, Arash Ghasemi and Seyed Jalal Hosseinimehr*

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Synthesis, Pharmacological Evaluation and Docking Study of a New Modulator of Microtubule Polymerization

Teiliane R. Carneiro, Daniel N. do Amaral, Harold H. Fokoue, Carlos M.R. Sant`Anna, Maria L.G. Porras, Cláudia Pessoa, Augusto C.A. Oliveira, Eliezer J Barreiro, Bruno C. Cavalcanti and Lidia Moreira Lima

View Abstract

Inhibition of DNA Topoisomerases by a Series of Benzoxazoles and their Possible Metabolites

Fatma Zilifdar*, Egemen Foto, Tugba Ertan-Bolelli, Ilkay Yildiz , Esin Aki-Yalcin and Nuran Diril

View Abstract

Novel Piperazine Amides of Cinnamic Acid Derivatives as Tyrosinase Inhibitors

Zehra Tugce Gur, Fatma Sezer Senol, Suhaib Shekfeh, Ilkay E. Orhan , Erden Banoglu and Burcu Caliskan*

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Genoprotective effect of new triazine derivatives in Endosulfan mediated toxicity, an in vivo and in vitro study

Nima Naderi, Seyyed Mostafa Ghasemi Najarkolae, Mona Modanlookordi, Mohammad Shokrzadeh and Hamid Irannejad Irannejad*

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QSAR and docking studies of DATA Analogues as HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors

Jianbo Tong*, Shan Lei, Pei Shan, Shangshang Qin and Yang Wang

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Synthesis, nematocidal activity and docking study of novel pyrazole-4-carboxamide derivatives against Meloidogyne incognita

Long Cheng, Wen Zhao, Zhong-Hua Shen, Tian-Ming Xu, Hong-Ke Wu, Wei-Li Peng and Xing-Hai Liu*

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Synthesis of a series of chalcones and related flavones and evaluation of their antibacterial and antifungal activities

Hind Benouda, Btissam Bouchal, Allal Challioui, Abdelkader Oulmidi, Tarik Harit, Fouad Malek, Abdelkhalek Riahi, Mohammed Bellaoui and Boufelja Bouammali *

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N-Acetylserotonin vs Melatonin. In vitro Controlled Release from Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets

Marilena Vlachou*, Giorgos Stavrou, Angeliki Siamidi, Stella Flitouri, Vassiliki Ioannidou and Spyros Mavrokordopoulos

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Design and Synthesis of Novel 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives Bearing Azo Moiety as Biologically Significant Scaffolds

Bilal Ahmad Khan*, Safeena Zafar, Ehsan Ullah Mughal*, Muhammad Naeem Ahmed, Syeda Shamila Hamdani, Tashfeen Akhter, Ihsan -ul- Haq, Amina Sadiq and Khalid Mohammed Khan

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Coumarinyl Aryl/Alkyl Sulfonates with Dual Potential: Alkaline Phosphatase and ROS Inhibitory Activities; In Silico Molecular Modeling and ADME Evaluation

Uzma Salar, Khalid Mohammed Khan*, Syeda Abida Ejaz, Abdul Hameed, Mariya Al-Rashida, Shahnaz Perveen, Muhammad Nawaz Tahir, Jamshed Iqbal and Muhammad Taha

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