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Drug Metabolism Letters

Volume 15, 3 Issues, 2021
ISSN: 1874-0758 (Online)
ISSN: 1872-3128 (Print)
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Drug Metabolism Letters, Volume 3 - Number 1

Molecular Analysis of the In Vivo Metabolism and Biodistribution of Metabolically and Non-Metabolically Activated Combi-Molecules of the Triazene Class

, 3(1): 1 - 9

Qiyu Qiu, Anne-Laure Larroque, Bernard Gibbs, Youqiang Fang, Younes Lakhrissi, Jean-Paul Soucy, Shadreck Mzengeza, Zakaria Rachid and Bertrand J. Jean-Claude

DOI: 10.2174/187231209787176344

O-Demethylation of Dextromethorphan Using Microbial Cultures

, 3(1): 10 - 14

Samathoti Prasanthi, Maravajhala Vidyavathi, Koganti V.S.R.G. Prasad and Devarakonda Rama Krishna

DOI: 10.2174/187231209787176326

Impact of Cerebral Malaria on Brain Distribution of Mefloquine

, 3(1): 15 - 17

Sylvie Barraud de Lagerie, Christine Fernandez, Michele German-Fattal, Jean-Charles Gantier, Francois Gimenez and Robert Farinotti

DOI: 10.2174/187231209787176407

Copper (II) Complexes of [1,2,4]Triazolo [1,5-a]Pyrimidine Derivatives as Potential Anti-Parasitic Agents

, 3(1): 35 - 44

Samira Boutaleb-Charki, Clotilde Marin, Carmen R. Maldonado, Maria J. Rosales, Jesus Urbano, Ramon Guitierrez-Sanchez, Miguel Quiros, Juan M. Salas and Manuel Sanchez-Moreno

DOI: 10.2174/187231209787176317

Inhibitory Effect of Codeine on Sucrase Activity

, 3(1): 58 - 60

Dariush Minai-Tehrani, Saeed Minoui, Marzie Sepehre, Zohre Sharif-Khodai and Tooka Aavani

DOI: 10.2174/187231209787176362

Co-Induction of CYP3A12 and 3A26 in Dog Liver Slices by Xenobiotics: Species Difference Between Human and Dog CYP3A Induction

, 3(1): 61 - 66

Jun Chen, Cindy Tran, Li Xiao, Jairam Palamanda, Thomas Klapmuts, Pramila Kumari, Xinjie Lin, Er-jia Wang, Yi-Zhong Gu, Mary Humphries, Annette S. Uss and K.-C. Cheng

DOI: 10.2174/187231209787176399


Zhiyang Zhao
Alliance Pharma
Malvern, PA
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Drug Metabolism Letters was launched in 2007. Dr. Zhiyang Zhao serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.
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