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Anti-infectious drugs: Approaches and Achievements

Guest Editor(s): Brijesh Rathi, Sumit Kumar, Yogesh Kumar, Ramesh Chandra
Tentative Publication Date: August, 2018
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Medicinal Chemistry of Farnesoid X Receptor (FXR) Modulators: The-State-of-the-Art

Guest Editor(s): Maura Marinozzi

Authors' Comments
It has been a great experience publishing my research work with Bentham Science Publishers. The editorial board is very professional. I would highly recommend the journal “Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry” to my colleagues.

Maité Sylla-Iyarreta Veitía
(Equipe de chimie moléculaire, Laboratoire de Chimie moléculaire, génie des procédés chimiques et énergétiques, EA7341, Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, 2 rue Conté, 75003, Paris, France)

Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry


Volume 17


Number 32


Review Article

Review Article

Review Article

Review Article


The Sesamum indicum Rhizosphere Associated Bacterium: A Source of Antifungal Compound

Renu Chaudhary*, Meenakshi Balhara, Deepak Jangir, Mrridula Dangi , Mehak Dangi , Savita Khatri and Anil K. Chhillar *

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A UBI 31-38 Peptide-coumarin Conjugate: Photophysical Features, Imaging Tracking and Synergism with Amphotericin B Against Cryptococcus

Soraya M. Z. M. D. Ferreira*, Hellem C. Carneiro, Rosemeire B. Alves, Ana Carolina S. Batista, Eufranio N. da Silva, Gleiston G. Dias, Jarbas M. Resende, Daniel A. Santos, Debora L. Oliveira, Marcio L. Rodrigues and Rossimiriam P. Freitas

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Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of Coumarins Derivatives Against Sporothrix spp.

Luana S. M. Forezi, Luana P. Borba-Santos, Mariana F. C. Cardoso, Vitor F. Ferreira, Sonia Rozental and Fernando De Carvalho Da Silva*

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Bis-coumarin Derivatives and Their Biological Activities

Qingcheng Ren, Chuan Gao , Zhi Xu , Yan Xu , Ming-liang Liu, Xiang Wu, Jian-Guo Guan and Lianshun Feng*

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New Benzothiazole-based Thiazolidinones as Potent Antimicrobial Agents. Design, synthesis and Biological Evaluation

Michelyne Haroun*, Christophe Tratrat, Katerina Kositsi, Evangelia Tsolaki, Anthi Petrou, Bandar Al-Dhubiab, Mahesh Attimarad, Sree Harsha, Athina Geronikaki, Venugopala N. Narayanaswamy, Heba S. Elsewedy, Marina Sokovic, Jasna Glamoclija and Ana Ciric

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Genistein as a Potential Anticancer Agent Against Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Fatima Ardito *, Giovanni Di Gioia, Mario Roberto Pellegrino and Lorenzo Lo Muzio

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Genetic Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance and the Role of Antibiotic Adjuvants

Daniela Santos Pontes, Rodrigo Santos Aquino de Araujo, Natalina Dantas, Luciana Scotti , Marcus Tullius Scotti, Ricardo Olimpio de Moura and Francisco Jaime Bezerra Mendonca-Junior *

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Cetuximab and the Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer

Riccardo Concu* and Maria Natalia Dias Soeiro Cordeiro

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The Glitter of Carbon Nanostructures in Hybrid/Composite Hydrogels for Medicinal Use

, 2016; 16(18): 1976 - 1989

Daniel Iglesias, Susanna Bosi, Michele Melchionna, Tatiana Da Ros and Silvia Marchesan

DOI: 10.2174/1568026616666160215154807

Resveratrol as a Potential Therapeutic Candidate for the Treatment and Management of Alzheimer's Disease

, 2016; 16(17): 1951 - 1960

Nady Braidy, Bat-Erdene Jugder, Anne Poljak, Tharusha Jayasena, Hussein Mansour, Seyed Mohammad Nabavi, Perminder Sachdev and Ross Grant

DOI: 10.2174/1568026616666160204121431

Implications of Dynamic Occupancy, Binding Kinetics, and Channel Gating Kinetics for hERG Blocker Safety Assessment and Mitigation

, 2016; 16(16): 1792 - 1818

Robert A. Pearlstein, K. Andrew MacCannell, Gül Erdemli, Sarita Yeola, Gabriel Helmlinger, Qi-Ying Hu, Ramy Farid, William Egan, Steven Whitebread, Clayton Springer, Jeremy Beck, Hao-Ran Wang, Mateusz Maciejewski, Laszlo Urban and José S. Duca

DOI: 10.2174/1568026616666160315142156

Electronic Nose and Exhaled Breath NMR-based Metabolomics Applications in Airways Disease

, 2016; 16(14): 1610 - 1630

Giuseppe Santini, Nadia Mores, Andreu Penas, Rosamaria Capuano, Chiara Mondino, Andrea Trové, Francesco Macagno, Gina Zini, Paola Cattani, Eugenio Martinelli, Andrea Motta, Giuseppe Macis, Giovanni Ciabattoni and Paolo Montuschi

DOI: 10.2174/1568026616666151223113540

Current Drug Discovery for Anti-hepatitis C Virus Targeting NS4B

, 2016; 16(12): 1362 - 1371

Zhenya Wang, Xinli Chen, Chunli Wu, Haiwei Xu and Hongmin Liu

DOI: 10.2174/1568026616666151120112642

Bispidine as a Privileged Scaffold

, 2016; 16(11): 1314 - 1342

Isabelle Tomassoli and Daniela Gündisch

DOI: 10.2174/1568026615666150915111434

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