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Research Progress of the Types and Preparation Techniques of Scaffold Materials in Cartilage Tissue Engineering

, 2018; 13(7): 583 - 590

Na Fu, Tengzhe Dong, Ai Meng, Zhaosong Meng, Bofeng Zhu and Yunfeng Lin*

Hair Regeneration Therapy: Application of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

, 2017; 12(7): 531 - 534

Hirotaro Fukuoka*, Keigo Narita and Hirotaka Suga

Hospital Exemption for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products: Issue in Application in the European Union Member States

, 2017; 12(1): 45 - 51

Tatjana Ivaskiene, Mykolas Mauricas and Justinas Ivaska

Research Advancements in Porcine Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

, 2016; 11(1): 78 - 93

Dinesh Bharti, Sharath Belame Shivakumar, Raghavendra Baregundi Subbarao and Gyu-Jin Rho

Labelling and Tracking of Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in Preclinical Studies and Large Animal Models of Degenerative Diseases

, 2014; 9(5): 444 - 450

Martin Vaegler, Jan K. Maerz, Bastian Amend, Luis Arenas da Silva, Julia G. Mannheim, Kerstin Fuchs, Susanne Will, Karl D. Sievert, Arnulf Stenzl, Melanie L. Hart and Wilhelm K. Aicher

Immunogenicity and Tumorigenicity of Pluripotent Stem Cells and their Derivatives: Genetic and Epigenetic Perspectives

, 2014; 9(1): 63 - 72

Yuan Tan, Sarah Ooi and Lisheng Wang

Biological Strategies to Enhance Rotator Cuff Healing.

, 2013; 8(6): 464 - 470

Umile Giuseppe Longo, Giacomo Rizzello, Alessandra Berton, Ludovica Maltese, Caterina Fumo, Wasim S. Khan and Vincenzo Denaro

Chondrogenic Potential of Two hASCs Subpopulations Loaded onto Gellan Gum Hydrogel Evaluated in a Nude Mice Model

, 2013; 8(5): 357 - 364

Tommaso Rada, Pedro P. Carvalho, Tircia C. Santos, Antonio G. Castro, Rui L. Reis and Manuela E. Gomes

Chemokine Contribution in Stem Cell Engraftment into the Infarcted Myocardium

, 2013; 8(4): 278 - 283

Elisa A. Liehn, Eugen Radu and Alexander Schuh

Preclinical and Clinical Studies on the Use of Growth Factors for Bone Repair: A Systematic Review

, 2013; 8(3): 260 - 268

Daniel Mark Fisher, James Min-Leong Wong, Conor Crowley and Wasim S. Khan

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Wharton's Jelly of the Umbilical Cord: Biological Properties and Emerging Clinical Applications

, 2013; 8(2): 144 - 155

Aristea K. Batsali, Maria-Christina Kastrinaki, Helen A. Papadaki and Charalampos Pontikoglou

Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: An Open Label Study

, 2012; 7(6): 407 - 414

Mandana Mohyeddin Bonab, Mohammad Ali Sahraian, Aida Aghsaie, Sanaz Ahmadi Karvigh, Seyed Massoud Hosseinian, Behrouz Nikbin, Jamshid Lotfi, Saeideh Khorramnia, Mohammad Reza Motamed, Mansoureh Togha, Mohammad Hossien Harirchian, Nahid Beladi Moghadam, Katayoun Alikhani, Samira Yadegari, Sirous Jafarian and Mohammad Reza Gheini

Platelet Rich Plasma in Xeno-Free Stem Cell Culture: The Impact of Platelet Count and Processing Method

, 2012; 7(5): 329 - 335

Jeanne Adiwinata Pawitan

Evaluation of Biological Protein-Based Collagen Scaffolds in Cartilage and Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering- A Systematic Review of the Literature

, 2012; 7(4): 302 - 309

Pouya Mafi, Sandip Hindocha, Rafi Mafi and Wasim S. Khan

Microenvironmental Regulation of Cancer Stem Cell Phenotypes

, 2012; 7(3): 197 - 216

Daniela F. Quail, Meghan J. Taylor and Lynne-Marie Postovit

Sources of Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells and their Applicability for Musculoskeletal Applications

, 2012; 7(2): 103 - 109

Jagdeep Singh Mohal, Hiteshkumar D. Tailor and Wasim S. Khan

Stemness or Not Stemness? Current Status and Perspectives of Adult Retinal Stem Cells

, 2009; 4(2): 118 - 130

Morgane Locker, Caroline Borday and Muriel Perron

A Role for SHIP in Stem Cell Biology and Transplantation

, 2008; 3(2): 99 - 106

William G. Kerr

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