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Current Smart Materials

Volume 5, 2 Issues, 2020
ISSN: 2405-4666 (Online)
ISSN: 2405-4658 (Print)
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Aims & Scope

Current Smart Materials , a peer reviewed journal publishes full length/mini-reviews, original research articles and thematic issues on experimental and applied research on smart materials. The scope covers contemporary and future smart materials e.g. alloys, polymers, self-healing, shape memory alloys, dielectric elastomers, thermoelectric, magnetocaloric & magnetostrictive, photomechanical, halochromic, chromogenic, piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials. Coverage also includes applications to sensors and actuators and other smart material systems applied to a range of disciplines

Current Smart Materials


Volume 4


Number 1

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Editor's Choice

Engineering and Characterization of Smart Material in Real-Time Mode

, 2018; 3(1): 49 - 57

Jagadeesh Suriyaprakash, Xiu L. Ma*, Yin L. Zhu, Yu J. Wang, Xiao B. Hu, Min J. Zou and Yan P. Feng

DOI: 10.2174/2405465803666180420154340

An Innovative Active Sensing Platform for Wireless Damage Monitoring of Concrete Structures

, 2016; 1(1): 49 - 62

Costas Providakis, Stavros Tsistrakis, Maristella Voutetaki, John Tsompanakis, Maria Stavroulaki, John Agadakos, Eleftherios Kampianakis, George Pentes and Evangelos Liarakos

DOI: 10.2174/2405465801666160830155120

Open Access Articles

Large-Scale Self-Assembly in Weakly-Flocculated Suspensions

, 2019; 4(1): 68 - 74

Aleš Dakskobler and Matjaz Valant*

A Brief Review on E-skin and its Multifunctional Sensing Applications

, 2019; 4(1): 3 - 14

Mariam Turki Almansoori, Xuan Li and Lianxi Zheng*

Advances in Electrolytes for High Capacity Rechargeable Lithium-Sulphur Batteries

, 2019; 4: 1 - 35 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Mir Mehraj Ud Din*, Sampathkumar Ramakumar, Indu M.S and Ramaswamy Murugan

The Design and Improvement of Aptamer-based Fluorescent Probes

, 2018; 3(2): 74 - 89

Yujian Zou, Lu Xu, Dapeng Zhao, Lei Lei, Xiangxian Meng and Hemin Nie*

Extraction of Carotenoid Colorants from Tagetes erecta (Marigold) Flowers and Application on Textile Substrate for Coloration

, 2018; 3(2): 124 - 135

Mohd Shabbir, Mohd Nadeem Bukhari, Shahid-ul-Islam, Mohd Ali Khan and Faqeer Mohammad*

Most Cited Articles

Nanoindentation and Scratch test on Thin Film Energy Materials

, 2017; 2(1): 39-43.

Arnab S. Bhattacharyya*, Ramgiri P. Kumar, Gaurav Acharya and Vivek Ranjan

DOI: 10.2174/2405465801666161130154515

Nanosized ZnO Under Solvent Free Condition: A Smart and Ecofriendly Catalyst to Microwave Assisted Synthesis of 3, 4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)- ones/Thiones

, 2016; 1(1): 68-76.

Santosh T. Shinde, Kaluram G. Kanade, Bhausaheb K. Karale, Dinesh P. Amalnerkar, Nitin M. Thorat, Sudhir S. Arbuj and Sachin P. Kunde

DOI: 10.2174/2405465801666160601125302

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Cheng Zhong
Tianjin University

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Journal History

Current Smart Materials was introduced in 2016 with the assistance of Dr. Seung-Bok Choi.

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