Recent Patents on Regenerative Medicine, Volume 3 - Number 3

Human Amniotic Membrane: Clinical Uses, Patents And Marketed Products

, 3(3): 193 - 214

Florelle Gindraux, Romain Laurent, Laurence Nicod, Benoit de Billy, Christophe Meyer, Narcisse Zwetyenga, Luc Wajszczak, Patrick Garbuio and Laurent Obert

DOI: 10.2174/22102965113039990021

Recent Patents and Advances on Tag-Less Microfluidic Stem Cell Sorting Methods: Applications for Perinatal Stem Cell Isolation

, 3(3): 215 - 226

Francesco Alviano, Barbara Roda, Martina Rossi, Maya Tanase, Kristel Martinelli, Cosetta Marchionni, Andrea Zattoni, Pierluigi Reschiglian and Laura Bonsi

DOI: 10.2174/22102965113039990023

Recent Patents and Advances in Hepatocyte-Like Cells Differentiation by Perinatal Stem Cells

, 3(3): 227 - 236

Rita Anzalone, Melania Lo Iacono, Simona Corrao, Tiziana Corsello, Felicia Farina and Giampiero La Rocca

DOI: 10.2174/22102965113039990022

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