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Comparison Between 18F-Dopa and 18F-Fet PET/CT in Patients with Suspicious Recurrent High Grade Glioma: A Literature Review and Our Experience

Laura Evangelista*, Cuppari Lea, Bellu Luisa , Bertin Daniele, Caccese Mario , Reccia Pasquale, Zagonel Vittorina and Lombardi Giuseppe

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O-(2-[18F]-Fluoroethyl)-L-Tyrosine (FET) in Neurooncology: A Review of Experimental Results

Carina Stegmayr*, Antje Willuweit, Philipp Lohmann and Karl-Josef Langen

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Feasibility and Evaluation of Automated Methods for Radiolabeling of Radiopharmaceutical Kits with Gallium-68

Alban Revy, François Hallouard*, Sandrine Joyeux-Klamber, Andrea Skanjeti, Catherine Rioufol and Marc Fraysse

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