Current Pharmaceutical Design, Volume 16 - Number 6

Editorial [Low Grade Inflammation as a Common Pathogenetic Denominator in Age-Related Diseases: Novel Drug Targets for Anti-Ageing Strategies and Successful Ageing Achievement. PART I. (Executive Editors: Calogero Caruso Thea Magrone and Emilio Jirilllo)]

, 16(6): 583

Calogero Caruso, Thea Magrone and Emilio Jirilllo

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883831

Low Grade Inflammation as a Common Pathogenetic Denominator in Age-Related Diseases: Novel Drug Targets for Anti-Ageing Strategies and Successful Ageing Achievement

, 16(6): 584 - 596

G. Candore, C. Caruso, E. Jirillo, T. Magrone and S. Vasto

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883868

T Cell Homeostasis in Centenarians: From the Thymus to the Periphery

, 16(6): 597 - 603

M. Pinti, M. Nasi, E. Lugli, L. Gibellini, L. Bertoncelli, E. Roat, S. De Biasi, C. Mussini and A. Cossarizza

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883705

B Cells Compartment in Centenarian Offspring and Old People

, 16(6): 604 - 608

G. Colonna-Romano, S. Buffa, M. Bulati, G. Candore, D. Lio, M. Pellicano, S. Vasto and C. Caruso

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883750

Age-Related Inflammation: the Contribution of Different Organs, Tissues and Systems. How to Face it for Therapeutic Approaches

, 16(6): 609 - 618

E. Cevenini, C. Caruso, G. Candore, M. Capri, D. Nuzzo, G. Duro, C. Rizzo, G. Colonna-Romano, D. Lio, D. Di Carlo, M. G. Palmas, M. Scurti, E. Pini, C. Franceschi and S. Vasto

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883840

Aging and Oral Health: Effects in Hard and Soft Tissues

, 16(6): 619 - 630

R. Guiglia, A. Musciotto, D. Compilato, M. Procaccini, L. Lo Russo, D. Ciavarella, L. Lo Muzio, V. Cannone, I. Pepe, M. D'Angelo and G. Campisi

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883813

Viscosupplementation with Intra-Articular Hyaluronic Acid for Treatment of Osteoarthritis in the Elderly

, 16(6): 631 - 640

M. Abate, D. Pulcini, A. Di Iorio and C. Schiavone

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883859

Human Buccal Mucosa as an Innovative Site of Drug Delivery

, 16(6): 641 - 652

G. Campisi, C. Paderni, R. Saccone, O. Di Fede, A. Wolff and L. I. Giannola

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883778

New Prospectives in the Delivery of Galantamine for Elderly Patients Using the IntelliDrug Intraoral Device: In Vivo Animal Studies

, 16(6): 653 - 659

L. I. Giannola, C. Paderni, V. De Caro, A. M. Florena, A. Wolff and G. Campisi

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883804

Senescence of the Brain: Focus on Cognitive Kinases

, 16(6): 660 - 671

S. Govoni, M. Amadio, F. Battaini and A. Pascale

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883732

β -Amyloid: A Disease Target or a Synaptic Regulator Affecting Age-Related Neurotransmitter Changes?

, 16(6): 672 - 683

E. Mura, C. Lanni, S. Preda, F. Pistoia, M. Sara, M. Racchi, G. Schettini, M. Marchi and S. Govoni

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883723

Immune-Inflammatory Responses and Oxidative Stress in Alzheimers Disease: Therapeutic Implications

, 16(6): 684 - 691

D. Di Bona, G. Scapagnini, G. Candore, L. Castiglia, G. Colonna-Romano, G. Duro, D. Nuzzo, F. Iemolo, D. Lio, M. Pellicano, V. Scafidi, C. Caruso and S. Vasto

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883769

Simple Choline Esters as Potential Anti-Alzheimer Agents

, 16(6): 692 - 697

Stefano Alcaro, Rosaria Arcone, Giosue Costa, Daniela De Vita, Michelangelo Iannone, Francesco Ortuso, Antonio Procopio, Raffaele Pasceri, Domenicantonio Rotiroti and Luigi Scipione

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883796

The Expanding Universe of Neurotrophic Factors: Therapeutic Potential in Aging and Age-Associated Disorders

, 16(6): 698 - 717

C. Lanni, S. Stanga, M. Racchi and S. Govoni

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883741

A Pilot Study on Prostate Cancer Risk and Pro-Inflammatory Genotypes: Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Implications

, 16(6): 718 - 724

C. R. Balistreri, C. Caruso, G. Carruba, V. Miceli, I. Campisi, F. Listi, D. Lio, G. Colonna-Romano and G. Candore

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883877

Lipoxygenase Inhibitors for Cancer Prevention: Promises and Risks

, 16(6): 725 - 733

Cecilia Menna, Fabiola Olivieri, Alfonso Catalano and Antonio Procopio

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883822

Polyploidy: The Link Between Senescence and Cancer

, 16(6): 734 - 740

G. Mosieniak and E. Sikora

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883714

Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: From a Clinical to a Molecular Association

, 16(6): 741 - 752

S. Petta and A. Craxi

DOI: 10.2174/138161210790883787

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