Open Access Articles

Defense Mechanisms Against Acid Exposure by Dental Enamel Formation, Saliva and Pancreatic Juice Production

, 2018; 24(18): 2012 - 2022

Robert Racz, Akos Nagy, Zoltan Rakonczay , Erika Katalin Dunavari, Gabor Gerber and Gabor Varga*

Development of Peptide Vaccines in Dengue

, 2018; 24(11): 1157 - 1173

Kavita Reginald, Yanqi Chan, Magdalena Plebanski and Chit Laa Poh*

Virtual Screening and Statistical Analysis in the Design of New Caffeine Analogues Molecules with Potential Epithelial Anticancer Activity

, 2018; 24(5): 576 - 594

Josivan da Silva Costa*, Karina da Silva Lopes Costa, Josiane Viana Cruz, Ryan da Silva Ramos, Luciane Barros Silva, Davi Do Socorro Barros Brasil, Carlos Henrique Tomich de Paula da Silva, Cleydson Breno Rodrigues dos Santos and Williams Jorge da Cruz Macedo

Machine Learning-based Virtual Screening and Its Applications to Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery: A Review

, 2018; 24: 1 - 12 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Kristy A. Carpenter and Xudong Huang*

Modified LDL Particles Activate Inflammatory Pathways in Monocyte-derived Macrophages: Transcriptome Analysis

, 2018; 24: 1 - 9 (E-Pub Ahead of Print)

Alexander N. Orekhov*, Yumiko Oishi , Nikita G. Nikiforov, Andrey V. Zhelankin, Larisa Dubrovsky, Igor A. Sobenin, Alexander Kel, Daria Stelmashenko, Vsevolod J. Makeev, Kathy Foxx, Xueting Jin, Howard S. Kruth and Michael Bukrinsky

2-Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrins and the Blood-Brain Barrier: Considerations for Niemann-Pick Disease Type C1

, 2017; 23(40): 6231 - 6238

Pericles Calias*

IGF-1 as a Drug for Preterm Infants: A Step-Wise Clinical Development

, 2017; 23(38): 5964 - 5970

Ann Hellstrom*, David Ley, Boubou Hallberg, Chatarina Lofqvist, Ingrid Hansen-Pupp, Luca A. Ramenghi, Jan Borg, Lois E. H. Smith and Anna-Lena Hard

A Special Focus on Selexipag - Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

, 2017; 23(34): 5191 - 5199

Louise M. Sorensen, Markus Wehland, Marcus Kruger, Ulf Simonsen, Mohamed Z. Nassef, Manfred Infanger and Daniela Grimm*

Ion Channel and Neurotransmitter Modulators as Electroceutical Approaches to the Control of Cancer

, 2017; 23(32): 4827 - 4841

Jack Tuszynski, Tatiana M. Tilli and Michael Levin*

Current Methods of the Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) Analysis: A Brief Overview

, 2017; 23(32): 4726 - 4728

Natalia Dementeva, Daria Kokova and Oleg A. Mayboroda*

Role of Sulforaphane in Protection of Gastrointestinal Tract Against H. pylori and NSAID-Induced Oxidative Stress

, 2017; 23(27): 4066 - 4075

Akinori Yanaka*

Neuroprotection in Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury Targeting Glial Cells

, 2017; 23(26): 3899 - 3906

Maria Ines Herrera*, Sofia Mucci*, George E. Barreto, Rodolfo Kolliker-Frers and Francisco Capani*

Hydrogel-Based Cell Therapies for Kidney Regeneration: Current Trends in Biofabrication and In Vivo Repair

, 2017; 23(26): 3845 - 3857

Katja Jansen*, Carl C.L. Schuurmans*, Jitske Jansen, Rosalinde Masereeuw* and Tina Vermonden*

Chemical Properties of Caffeic and Ferulic Acids in Biological System: Implications in Cancer Therapy. A Review

, 2017; 23(20): 3015 - 3023

Sarah S. Damasceno*, Bruna B. Dantas, Jaime Ribeiro-Filho, Demetrius Antônio M. Araújo and José Galberto M. da Costa

Macrocyclic Antimicrobial Peptides Engineered from ω-Conotoxin

, 2017; 23(14): 2131 - 2138

Xinya Hemu and James P. Tam*

Selective Inhibition of Phosphodiesterases 4A, B, C and D Isoforms in Chronic Respiratory Diseases: Current and Future Evidences

, 2017; 23(14): 2073 - 2083

Sonia Contreras*, Javier Milara*, Esteban Morcillo and Julio Cortijo

Traumatic Brain Injury: Preclinical Imaging Diagnostic(s) and Therapeutic Approaches

, 2017; 23(13): 1909 - 1915

Eric L. Kaijzel*, Ermond R. van Beek, Marieke A. Stammes, Ivo Que, Alan B. Chan, Clemens W.G.M. Lowik and Luis J. Cruz

PI3K/Akt Pathway: A Potential Therapeutic Target for Chronic Pain

, 2017; 23(12): 1860 - 1868

Shu-Ping Chen, Ya-Qun Zhou, Dai-Qiang Liu, Wen Zhang, Anne Manyande, Xue-Hai Guan, Yu-ke Tian, Da-Wei Ye* and Deeq Mohamed Omar

Inflammation: A Novel Therapeutic Target/Direction in Atherosclerosis

, 2017; 23(8): 1216 - 1227

Bin Li, Weihong Li, Xiaoli Li and Hong Zhou*

Salvia miltiorrhiza: A Potential Red Light to the Development of Cardiovascular Diseases

, 2017; 23(7): 1077 - 1097

Lili Wang, Rufeng Ma, Chenyue Liu, Haixia Liu, Ruyuan Zhu, Shuzhen Guo, Minke Tang, Yu Li, Jianzhao Niu, Min Fu, Sihua Gao* and Dongwei Zhang*

Polypharmacology in Precision Oncology: Current Applications and Future Prospects

, 2016; 22(46): 6935 - 6945

Albert A. Antolin, Paul Workman, Jordi Mestres and Bissan Al-Lazikani

Functional Foods for Health: The Interrelated Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Role of Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices and Cocoa in Humans

, 2016; 22(44): 6701 - 6715

Mauro Serafini and Ilaria Peluso

Potential Pathways for CNS Drug Delivery Across the Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier

, 2016; 22(35): 5463 - 5476

Nathalie Strazielle and Jean-François Ghersi-Egea

The Microbial Quality Aspects and Decontamination Approaches for the Herbal Medicinal Plants and Products: An in-Depth Review

, 2016; 22(27): 4264 - 4287

Daniela Dal Molim Ghisleni, Marina de Souza Braga, Irene Satiko Kikuchi, Mirela Braşoveanu, Monica R. Nemţanu, Kamal Dua and Terezinha de Jesus Andreoli Pinto

AFM-Based Single Molecule Techniques: Unraveling the Amyloid Pathogenic Species

, 2016; 22(26): 3950 - 3970

Francesco Simone Ruggeri, Johnny Habchi, Andrea Cerreta and Giovanni Dietler

Miscellaneous Topics in Computer-Aided Drug Design: Synthetic Accessibility and GPU Computing, and Other Topics

, 2016; 22(23): 3555 - 3568

Yoshifumi Fukunishi, Tadaaki Mashimo, Kiyotaka Misoo, Yoshinori Wakabayashi, Toshiaki Miyaki, Seiji Ohta, Mayu Nakamura and Kazuyoshi Ikeda

Therapeutic Targets for Management of Periodontitis and Diabetes

, 2016; 22(15): 2216 - 2237

Corneliu Sima and Thomas E. Van Dyke

Evolving Drug Delivery Strategies to Overcome the Blood Brain Barrier

, 2016; 22(9): 1177 - 1193

David S. Hersh, Aniket S. Wadajkar, Nathan B. Roberts, Jimena G. Perez, Nina P. Connolly, Victor Frenkel, Jeffrey A. Winkles, Graeme F. Woodworth and Anthony J. Kim

Targeting of α7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in the Treatment of Schizophrenia and the Use of Auditory Sensory Gating as a Translational Biomarker

, 2015; 21(26): 3797 - 3806

Kenji Hashimoto

Particle Engineering in Pharmaceutical Solids Processing: Surface Energy Considerations

, 2015; 21(19): 2677 - 2694

Daryl R. Williams

Significant Differences Characterise the Correlation Coefficients between Biocide and Antibiotic Susceptibility Profiles in Staphylococcus aureus

, 2015; 21(16): 2054 - 2057

Marco R. Oggioni, Joana Rosado Coelho, Leonardo Furi, Daniel R Knight, Carlo Viti, Graziella Orefici, Jose-Luis Martinez, Ana Teresa Freitas, Teresa M. Coque, Ian Morrissey and behalf of the BIOHYPO consortium

Macrophages in Immunopathology of Atherosclerosis: A Target for Diagnostics and Therapy

, 2015; 21(9): 1172 - 1179

Alexander N. Orekhov, Igor A. Sobenin, Mikhail A. Gavrilin, Alexei Gratchev, Svetlana Y. Kotyashova, Nikita G. Nikiforov and Julia Kzhyshkowska

Antihypertensive Drugs Metabolism: An Update to Pharmacokinetic Profiles and Computational Approaches

, 2015; 21(6): 806 - 822

Aikaterini Zisaki, Ljubisa Miskovic and Vassily Hatzimanikatis

Biomarkers Predicting a Need for Intensive Treatment in Patients with Early Arthritis

, 2015; 21(2): 170 - 181

I. Gonzalez-Alvaro, A.M. Ortiz, I.V. Seoane, R. Garcia-Vicuna, C. Martinez and R.P. Gomariz

Immunotoxins Constructed with Ribosome-Inactivating Proteins and their Enhancers: A Lethal Cocktail with Tumor Specific Efficacy

, 2014; 20(42): 6584 - 6643

Roger Gilabert-Oriol, Alexander Weng, Benedicta von Mallinckrodt, Matthias F. Melzig, Hendrik Fuchs and Mayank Thakur

Tankyrases: Structure, Function and Therapeutic Implications in Cancer

, 2014; 20(41): 6472 - 6488

Teemu Haikarainen, Stefan Krauss and Lari Lehtio

Mechanisms of Action of Anesthetics for the Modulation of Perioperative Thrombosis: Evidence for Immune Mechanisms from Basic and Clinical Studies

, 2014; 20(36): 5779 - 5793

Toshiharu Azma, Florin Tuluc, Taishin Ito, Chikako Aoyama-Mani, Shinji Kawahito and Hiroyuki Kinoshita

Brain Innate Immunity in the Regulation of Neuroinflammation: Therapeutic Strategies by Modulating CD200-CD200R Interaction Involve the Cannabinoid System

, 2014; 20(29): 4707 - 4722

Miriam Hernangomez, Francisco J. Carrillo-Salinas, Miriam Mecha, Fernando Correa, Leyre Mestre, Frida Loria, Ana Feliu, Fabian Docagne and Carmen Guaza

Dipeptidyl-peptidase 4 Inhibition: Linking Metabolic Control to Cardiovascular Protection

, 2014; 20(14): 2387 - 2394

Angelo Avogaro, Saula de Kreutzenberg and Gianpaolo Fadini

Effects of Cannabis on Impulsivity: A Systematic Review of Neuroimaging Findings

, 2014; 20(13): 2126 - 2137

Johannes Wrege, Andre Schmidt, Anna Walter, Renata Smieskova, Kerstin Bendfeldt, Ernst-Wilhelm Radue, Undine E. Lang and Stefan Borgwardt

New Pharmaceutical Treatment of Gastric MALT Lymphoma: Anti-angiogenesis Treatment using VEGF Receptor Antibodies and Celecoxib

, 2014; 20(7): 1097 - 1103

Masahiko Nakamura, Tetsufumi Takahashi, Hidenori Matsui, Shinichi Takahashi, Somay Y. Murayama, Hidekazu Suzuki and Kanji Tsuchimoto

The µ Opioid Receptor and Ligands Acting at the µ Opioid Receptor, as Therapeutics and Potential Therapeutics

, 2013; 19(42): 7415 - 7434

Mariana Spetea, Muhammad Faheem Asim, Gerhard Wolber and Helmut Schmidhammer

Smart Stimuli Sensitive Nanogels in Cancer Drug Delivery and Imaging: A Review

, 2013; 19(41): 7203 - 7218

S. Maya, Bruno Sarmento, Amrita Nair, N. Sanoj Rejinold, Shantikumar V. Nair and R. Jayakumar

The Cellular Autophagy Markers Beclin-1 and LC3B-II are Increased During Reperfusion in Fibrillated Mouse Hearts

, 2013; 19(39): 6912 - 6918

Gregory Meyer, Attila Czompa, Cyril Reboul, Evelin Csepanyi, Andras Czegledi, Istvan Bak, Gyorgy Balla, Jozsef Balla, Arpad Tosaki and Istvan Lekli

Cardioprotective Effects of Sour Cherry Seed Extract (SCSE) on the Hypercholesterolemic Rabbit Heart

, 2013; 19(39): 6896 - 6905

Bela Juhasz, Attila Kertész, Jozsef Balla, Gyorgy Balla, Zoltán Szabo, Mariann Bombicz, Daniel Priksz, Rudolf Gesztelyi, Balazs Varga, David D. Haines and Arpad Tosaki

The STAT3 Inhibitor Stattic Impairs Cardiomyocyte Mitochondrial Function Through Increased Reactive Oxygen Species Formation

, 2013; 19(39): 6890 - 6895

Kerstin Boengler, Elvira Ungefug, Gerd Heusch and Rainer Schulz

Ghrelin as a Neuroprotective and Palliative Agent in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease

, 2013; 19(38): 6773 - 6790

Vanessa V. dos Santos, Ana Lúcia S. Rodrigues, Thereza C. De Lima, Susana R. de Barioglio, Rita Raisman-Vozari and Rui D. Prediger

Iron Oxide Nanoparticle-induced Oxidative Stress and Genotoxicity in Human Skin Epithelial and Lung Epithelial Cell Lines

, 2013; 19(37): 6681 - 6690

Maqusood Ahamed, Hisham A. Alhadlaq, Javed Alam, M. A. Majeed Khan, Daoud Ali and Saud Alarafi

Recent Advances in Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Cellular Imaging and Targeted Therapy Research

, 2013; 19(37): 6575 - 6593

Yi-Xiang J. Wang, Shouhu Xuan, Marc Port and Jean-Marc Idee

Immunization Against Active Ghrelin Using Virus-Like Particles for Obesity Treatment

, 2013; 19(36): 6551 - 6558

Sara Andrade, Filipa Pinho, Andreia M. Ribeiro, Marcos Carreira, Felipe F. Casanueva, Polly Roy and Mariana P. Monteiro

Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Determine Effects of Antidementive Treatment on Cerebral Structural Connectivity in Alzheimer’s Disease

, 2013; 19(36): 6416 - 6425

Ingo Kilimann, Yuttachai Likitjaroen, Harald Hampel and Stefan Teipel

Molecular Hydrogen: New Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Related Diseases

, 2013; 19(35): 6375 - 6381

Toru Ishibashi

Nanostructed Cubosomes as Advanced Drug Delivery System

, 2013; 19(35): 6290 - 6297

Xin Pan, Ke Han, Xinsheng Peng, Zhiwen Yang, Lingzhen Qin, Chune Zhu, Xintian Huang, Xuan Shi, Linghui Dian, Ming Lu and Chuanbin Wu

Resveratrol and Clinical Trials: The Crossroad from In Vitro Studies to Human Evidence

, 2013; 19(34): 6064 - 6093

Joao Tomé-Carneiro, Mar Larrosa, Antonio González-Sarrías, Francisco A. Tomás-Barberán, María Teresa García-Conesa and Juan Carlos Espín

Mitochondrial Mutations in Atherosclerosis: New Solutions in Research and Possible Clinical Applications

, 2013; 19(33): 5942 - 5953

Igor A. Sobenin, Dimitry A. Chistiakov, Yuri V. Bobryshev, Anton Y. Postnov and Alexander N. Orekhov

Hyperglycemia-induced Oxidative Stress and its Role in Diabetes Mellitus Related Cardiovascular Diseases

, 2013; 19(32): 5695 - 5703

Teresa Vanessa Fiorentino, Annamaria Prioletta, Pengou Zuo and Franco Folli

N-Glycosylation of Plant-produced Recombinant Proteins

, 2013; 19(31): 5503 - 5512

Dirk Bosch, Alexandra Castilho, Andreas Loos, Arjen Schots and Herta Steinkellner

Commercial Aspects of Pharmaceutical Protein Production in Plants

, 2013; 19(31): 5471 - 5477

Rainer Fischer, Stefan Schillberg, Johannes F. Buyel and Richard M. Twyman

New Molecular Targets in the Treatment of NSCLC

, 2013; 19(30): 5333 - 5343

Clorinda Schettino, Maria Anna Bareschino, Paola Claudia Sacco, Paolo Maione, Antonio Rossi, Francesca Casaluce, Assunta Sgambato and Cesare Gridelli

Cardiovascular and Systemic Risk in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - Atherosclerosis as a Major Player in the Natural Course of NAFLD

, 2013; 19(29): 5177 - 5192

Amedeo Lonardo, Silvia Sookoian, Michel Chonchol, Paola Loria and Giovanni Targher

Lysine Acetyltransferases CBP and p300 as Therapeutic Targets in Cognitive and Neurodegenerative Disorders

, 2013; 19(28): 5051 - 5064

Luis M. Valor, Jose Viosca, Jose P. Lopez-Atalaya and Angel Barco

Treatment of Foot Disease in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus using Human Umbilical Cord Blood Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Response and Correction of Immunological Anomalies

, 2013; 19(27): 4893 - 4899

Xiao-Yan Li, Zhao-Hui Zheng, Xue-Yi Li, Jian Guo, Yan Zhang, Hui Li, Yang-Wei Wang, Jun Ren and Zhen-Biao Wu

MicroRNA-34a Promotes Cardiomyocyte Apoptosis Post Myocardial Infarction Through Down-regulating Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2

, 2013; 19(27): 4865 - 4873

Fan Fan, Aijun Sun, Hangtian Zhao, Xiangwei Liu, Wenbin Zhang, Xueting Jin, Cong Wang, Xin Ma, Cheng Shen, Yunzeng Zou, Kai Hu and Junbo Ge

Cardiac Dysfunction and Oxidative Stress in the Metabolic Syndrome: an Update on Antioxidant Therapies

, 2013; 19(27): 4806 - 4817

Olesya Ilkun and Sihem Boudina

Advances in Binding Free Energies Calculations: QM/MM-Based Free Energy Perturbation Method for Drug Design

, 2013; 19(26): 4674 - 4686

R.S. Rathore, M. Sumakanth, M. Siva Reddy, P. Reddanna, Allam Appa Rao, Mark D. Erion and M.R. Reddy

Role of Neurotrophins in Spinal Plasticity and Locomotion

, 2013; 19(24): 4509 - 4516

Victor Arvanian

Modulation of the Intrinsic Properties of Motoneurons by Serotonin

, 2013; 19(24): 4371 - 4384

Jean-Francois Perrier, Hanne Borger Rasmussen, Rasmus Kordt Christensen and Anders Victor Petersen

Intrinsic Disorder-based Protein Interactions and their Modulators

, 2013; 19(23): 4191 - 4213

Vladimir N. Uversky

Non-Covalent Proteasome Inhibitors

, 2013; 19(22): 4115 - 4130

Julia Kaffy, Guillaume Bernadat and Sandrine Ongeri

From Bortezomib to other Inhibitors of the Proteasome and Beyond

, 2013; 19(22): 4025 - 4038

Daniela Buac, Min Shen, Sara Schmitt, Fathima Rani Kona, Rahul Deshmukh, Zhen Zhang, Christine Neslund-Dudas, Bharati Mitra and Q. Ping Dou

PCSK9 Inhibition - A Novel Mechanism to Treat Lipid Disorders?

, 2013; 19(21): 3869 - 3877

Maciej Banach, Manfredi Rizzo, Milan Obradovic, Giuseppe Montalto, Jacek Rysz, Dimitri P. Mikhailidis and Esma R. Isenovic

Rescuing Mutant CFTR: A Multi-task Approach to a Better Outcome in Treating Cystic Fibrosis

, 2013; 19(19): 3497 - 3508

Margarida D. Amaral and Carlos M. Farinha

Cullin-RING Ligases as Attractive Anti-cancer Targets

, 2013; 19(18): 3215 - 3225

Yongchao Zhao and Yi Sun

Cdc20: A Potential Novel Therapeutic Target for Cancer Treatment

, 2013; 19(18): 3210 - 3214

Zhiwei Wang, Lixin Wan, Jiateng Zhong, Hiroyuki Inuzuka, Pengda Liu, Fazlul H. Sarkar and Wenyi Wei

Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin Kexin 9 (PCSK9) Inhibitors in the Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia and other Pathologies

, 2013; 19(17): 3161 - 3172

Nabil G. Seidah

The Role of Fibrate Treatment in Dyslipidemia: An Overview

, 2013; 19(17): 3124 - 3131

Niki Katsiki, Dragana Nikolic, Giuseppe Montalto, Maciej Banach, Dimitri P. Mikhailidis and Manfredi Rizzo

Cell-penetrating Peptides as Nucleic Acid Delivery Systems: From Biophysics to Biological Applications

, 2013; 19(16): 2895 - 2923

Sara Trabulo, Ana L. Cardoso, Ana M. S. Cardoso, Catarina M. Morais, Amalia S. Jurado and Maria C. Pedroso de Lima

Endocytosis, Intracellular Traffic and Fate of Cell Penetrating Peptide Based Conjugates and Nanoparticles

, 2013; 19(16): 2878 - 2894

Kez Cleal, Lin He, Peter D. Watson and Arwyn T. Jones

Nuclear Translocation of Heme Oxygenase-1 Confers Resistance to Imatinib in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cells

, 2013; 19(15): 2765 - 2770

Daniele Tibullo, Ignazio Barbagallo, Cesarina Giallongo, Piera La Cava, Nunziatina Parrinello, Luca Vanella, Fabio Stagno, Giuseppe A. Palumbo, Giovanni Li Volti and Francesco Di Raimondo

Regulation of Autophagy in Oxygen-Dependent Cellular Stress

, 2013; 19(15): 2747 - 2756

Stefan W. Ryter and Augustine M. K. Choi

Redox Homeostasis and Epigenetics in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

, 2013; 19(15): 2737 - 2746

Christine Podrini, Michela Borghesan, Azzura Greco, Valerio Pazienza, Gianluigi Mazzoccoli and Manlio Vinciguerra

Chemical Nature and Reaction Mechanisms of the Molybdenum Cofactor of Xanthine Oxidoreductase

, 2013; 19(14): 2606 - 2614

Ken Okamoto, Teruo Kusano and Takeshi Nishino

Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells: A New "Cells as Drugs" Paradigm. Efficacy and Critical Aspects in Cell Therapy

, 2013; 19(13): 2459 - 2473

Laura de Girolamo, Enrico Lucarelli, Giulio Alessandri, Maria Antonietta Avanzini, Maria Ester Bernardo, Ettore Biagi, Anna Teresa Brini, Giovanna D’Amico, Franca Fagioli, Ivana Ferrero, Franco Locatelli, Rita Maccario, Mario Marazzi, Ornella Parolini, Augusto Pessina and Maria Luisa Torre ; Italian Mesenchymal Stem Cell Group (GISM)

Chronic Hyperuricemia, Uric Acid Deposit and Cardiovascular Risk

, 2013; 19(13): 2432 - 2438

Davide Grassi, Livia Ferri, Giovambattista Desideri, Paolo Di Giosia, Paola Cheli, Rita Del Pinto, Giuliana Properzi and Claudio Ferri

Binding Site Detection and Druggability Prediction of Protein Targets for Structure- Based Drug Design

, 2013; 19(12): 2326 - 2333

Yaxia Yuan, Jianfeng Pei and Luhua Lai

Computational Approaches for Ligand Discovery and Design in Class-A G Protein- Coupled Receptors

, 2013; 19(12): 2216 - 2236

David Rodriguez and Hugo Gutierrez-de-Teran

A Review of Therapeutic Effects of Curcumin

, 2013; 19(11): 2032 - 2046

Ali Noorafshan and Soheil Ashkani-Esfahani

Pharmacological Properties of Glutamatergic Drugs Targeting NMDA Receptors and their Application in Major Depression

, 2013; 19(10): 1898 - 1922

Gianluca Serafini, Maurizio Pompili, Marco Innamorati, Yogesh Dwivedi, Goutam Brahmachari and Paolo Girardi

Molecular Aspects of the RT/drug Interactions. Perspective of Dual Inhibitors

, 2013; 19(10): 1850 - 1859

Simona Distinto, Elias Maccioni, Rita Meleddu, Angela Corona, Stefano Alcaro and Enzo Tramontano

Synthesized Peptide Inhibitors of HIV-1 gp41-dependent Membrane Fusion

, 2013; 19(10): 1800 - 1809

Yuxian He

Impact of Cellular Senescence in Aging and Cancer

, 2013; 19(9): 1699 - 1709

Mauro Provinciali, Maurizio Cardelli, Francesca Marchegiani and Elisa Pierpaoli

T Cell Replicative Senescence in Human Aging

, 2013; 19(9): 1680 - 1698

Jennifer P. Chou and Rita B. Effros

Immune System, Cell Senescence, Aging and Longevity - Inflamm-Aging Reappraised

, 2013; 19(9): 1675 - 1679

Stefano Salvioli, Daniela Monti, Catia Lanzarini, Maria Conte, Chiara Pirazzini, Maria Giulia Bacalini, Paolo Garagnani, Cristina Giuliani, Elisa Fontanesi, Rita Ostan, Laura Bucci, Federica Sevini, Stella Lukas Yani, Annalaura Barbieri, Laura Lomartire, Vincenzo Borelli, Dario Vianello, Elena Bellavista, Morena Martucci, Elisa Cevenini, Elisa Pini, Maria Scurti, Fiammetta Biondi, Aurelia Santoro, Miriam Capri and Claudio Franceschi

Human Papillomavirus DNA and E6/E7 mRNA Testing as Triage in Liquid-Based Cytology Samples from Primary Screening

, 2013; 19(8): 1508 - 1515

Sonia Andersson, Miriam Mints, Elisabete Weiderpass and Bo Johansson

The Interplay between the Gut Immune System and Microbiota in Health and Disease: Nutraceutical Intervention for Restoring Intestinal Homeostasis

, 2013; 19(7): 1329 - 1342

Thea Magrone and Emilio Jirillo

MicroRNA in the Pathogenesis and Prognosis of Esophageal Cancer

, 2013; 19(7): 1292 - 1300

Jian Gu, Yan Wang and Xifeng Wu

HtrA Protease Family as Therapeutic Targets

, 2013; 19(6): 977 - 1009

Joanna Skorko-Glonek, Dorota Zurawa-Janicka, Tomasz Koper, Miroslaw Jarzab, Donata Figaj, Przemyslaw Glaza and Barbara Lipinska

Molecular Mechanisms and Modulation of Key Pathways Underlying the Synergistic Interaction of Sorafenib with Erlotinib in Non-Small-Cell-Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Cells

, 2013; 19(5): 927 - 939

E. Giovannetti, M. Labots, H. Dekker, E. Galvani, J.S.W. Lind, R. Sciarrillo, R. Honeywell, E.F. Smit, H.M. Verheul and G.J. Peters

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: Current Status and Future Perspectives in the Development of Novel Irreversible Inhibitors for the Treatment of Mutant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

, 2013; 19(5): 818 - 832

Elena Galvani, Roberta Alfieri, Elisa Giovannetti, Andrea Cavazzoni, Silvia La Monica, Maricla Galetti, Claudia Fumarola, Mara Bonelli, Marco Mor, Marcello Tiseo, Godefridus J. Peters, Pier Giorgio Petronini and Andrea Ardizzoni

Rejuvenating Sirtuins: The Rise of a New Family of Cancer Drug Targets

, 2013; 19(4): 614 - 623

Santina Bruzzone, Marco Daniele Parenti, Alessia Grozio, Alberto Ballestrero, Inga Bauer, Alberto Del Rio and Alessio Nencioni

Lysosomal Rerouting of Hsp70 Trafficking as a Potential Immune Activating Tool for Targeting Melanoma

, 2013; 19(3): 430 - 440

Kata Juhasz, Roland Thuenauer, Andrea Spachinger, Ern Duda, Ibolya Horvath, Laszlo Vigh, Alois Sonnleitner and Zsolt Balogi

The Therapeutic Target Hsp90 and Cancer Hallmarks

, 2013; 19(3): 347 - 365

Yoshihiko Miyata, Hitoshi Nakamoto and Len Neckers

Hydroximic Acid Derivatives: Pleiotropic Hsp Co-Inducers Restoring Homeostasis and Robustness

, 2013; 19(3): 309 - 346

Tim Crul, Noemi Toth, Stefano Piotto, Peter Literati-Nagy, Kalman Tory, Pierre Haldimann, Bernadett Kalmar, Linda Greensmith, Zsolt Torok, Gabor Balogh, Imre Gombos, Federica Campana, Simona Concilio, Ferenc Gallyas, Gabor Nagy, Zoltan Berente, Burcin Gungor, Maria Peter, Attila Glatz, Akos Hunya, Zsuzsanna Literati-Nagy, Laszlo Vigh, Femke Hoogstra-Berends, Andre Heeres, Irma Kuipers, Lizette Loen, Jean-Paul Seerden, Deli Zhang, Roelien A M Meijering, Robert H Henning, Bianca J J M Brundel, Harm H Kampinga, Laszlo Koranyi, Zoltan Szilvassy, Jozsef Mandl, Balazs Sumegi, Mark A Febbraio, Ibolya Horvath, Philip L Hooper and Laszlo Vigh

The Rise of Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii

, 2013; 19(2): 223 - 238

Benjamin A. Evans, Ahmed Hamouda and Sebastian G.B. Amyes

Non-Analgesic Effects of Opioids: Peripheral Opioid Effects on Inflammation and Wound Healing

, 2012; 18(37): 6053 - 6069

Christoph Stein and Sarah Kuchler

NF-κB as a Target for Modulating Inflammatory Responses

, 2012; 18(35): 5735 - 5745

Chiara Gasparini and Marc Feldmann

Probiotics and Oral Health

, 2012; 18(34): 5522 - 5531

Bernard Bizzini, Giuseppe Pizzo, Giovanni Scapagnini, Domenico Nuzzo and Sonya Vasto

Platelet Function Testing in Atherothrombotic Disease

, 2012; 18(33): 5379 - 5391

Erik Lerkevang Grove, Robert F. Storey and Morten Wurtz

The Role of Platelets in Athero-Thrombotic Events

, 2012; 18(33): 5197 - 5214

Matthias K. Freynhofer, Veronika Bruno, Johann Wojta and Kurt Huber

A Critical Review of the Antipsychotic Effects of Cannabidiol: 30 Years of a Translational Investigation

, 2012; 18(32): 5131 - 5140

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The Yin and Yang of Cannabis-induced Psychosis: the Actions of Δ 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol in Rodent Models of Schizophrenia

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Genetic Variation Underlying Psychosis-inducing Effects of Cannabis: Critical Review and Future Directions

, 2012; 18(32): 5015 - 5023

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Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions: How to Mimic a Protein Partner

, 2012; 18(30): 4679 - 4684

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Protein-protein Docking and Hot-spot Prediction for Drug Discovery

, 2012; 18(30): 4607 - 4618

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Inflammation in Ischemic Stroke Subtypes

, 2012; 18(28): 4289 - 4310

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Atherosclerosis as an Inflammatory Disease

, 2012; 18(28): 4266 - 4288

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Preclinical Safety and Pharmacokinetic Profile of 3K3A-APC, a Novel, Modified Activated Protein C for Ischemic Stroke

, 2012; 18(27): 4215 - 4222

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Cellular Players in Lung Fibrosis

, 2012; 18(27): 4093 - 4102

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Tobacco, Inflammation, and Respiratory Tract Cancer

, 2012; 18(26): 3901 - 3938

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Molecular Link Mechanisms between Inflammation and Cancer

, 2012; 18(26): 3831 - 3852

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The Role of Pericytes in Blood-Brain Barrier Function and Stroke

, 2012; 18(25): 3653 - 3662

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Antimalarials in the Treatment of Schistosomiasis

, 2012; 18(24): 3531 - 3538

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Choline Analogues in Malaria Chemotherapy

, 2012; 18(24): 3454 - 3466

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Platelet-neutrophil Interactions as a Target for Prevention and Treatment of Transfusion- related Acute Lung Injury

, 2012; 18(22): 3260 - 3266

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Pharma-metabolomics in Neonatology: is it a Dream or a Fact?

, 2012; 18(21): 2996 - 3006

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Perspective of Cyclin-dependent kinase 9 (CDK9) as a Drug Target

, 2012; 18(20): 2883 - 2890

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Novel Drugs Targeting Microtubules: the Role of Epothilones

, 2012; 18(19): 2793 - 2803

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Targeting mTOR Pathways in Human Malignancies

, 2012; 18(19): 2766 - 2777

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Heparin - a Key Drug in the Treatment of the Circulatory Degenerative Diseases: Controlling its Action with Polymers

, 2012; 18(18): 2591 - 2606

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Role of Wnt/β-catenin Signaling in Drug Resistance of Pancreatic Cancer

, 2012; 18(17): 2464 - 2471

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Mast Cells in Allergic and Inflammatory Diseases

, 2012; 18(16): 2261 - 2277

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Microbubbles as a Vehicle for Gene and Drug Delivery: Current Clinical Implications and Future Perspectives

, 2012; 18(15): 2166 - 2183

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G-Quadruplex as Signal Transducer for Biorecognition Events

, 2012; 18(14): 2076 - 2095

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Thrombin Binding Aptamer, More than a Simple Aptamer: Chemically Modified Derivatives and Biomedical Applications

, 2012; 18(14): 2036 - 2047

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Targeting the Cancer Initiating Cell: The Ultimate Target for Cancer Therapy

, 2012; 18(13): 1784 - 1795

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Neural Stem Cell Niches in Health and Diseases

, 2012; 18(13): 1755 - 1783

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Old Wine in a New Bottle: The Warburg Effect and Anticancer Mechanisms of Resveratrol

, 2012; 18(12): 1645 - 1654

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Adverse Cardiovascular Effects of Antirheumatic Drugs: Implications for Clinical Practice and Research

, 2012; 18(11): 1543 - 1555

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Inflammation-Induced Thrombosis: Mechanisms, Disease Associations and Management

, 2012; 18(11): 1478 - 1493

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Physiology, Pharmacology and Pathophysiology of the pH Regulatory Transport Proteins NHE1 and NBCn1: Similarities, Differences, and Implications for Cancer Therapy

, 2012; 18(10): 1345 - 1371

E. Boedtkjer, L. Bunch and S. F. Pedersen

Multi-Parameter Optimization: Identifying High Quality Compounds with a Balance of Properties

, 2012; 18(9): 1292 - 1310

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Transgenic Mouse Models of Alzheimer Disease: Developing a Better Model as a Tool for Therapeutic Interventions

, 2012; 18(8): 1131 - 1147

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Drosophila Models of Proteinopathies: the Little Fly that Could

, 2012; 18(8): 1108 - 1122

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Role of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System in the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis

, 2012; 18(7): 981 - 1004

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The Therapeutic Potential of Sigma (σ) Receptors for the Treatment of Central Nervous System Diseases: Evaluation of the Evidence

, 2012; 18(7): 884 - 901

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Therapeutic Potential of Host Defense Peptides in Antibiotic-resistant Infections

, 2012; 18(6): 807 - 819

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Progress in Gene and Cell Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease

, 2012; 18(5): 642 - 662

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Neurocognition in the Psychosis Risk Syndrome: A Quantitative and Qualitative Review

, 2012; 18(4): 399 - 415

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Rationale and First Results of Developing At-Risk (Prodromal) Criteria for Bipolar Disorder

, 2012; 18(4): 358 - 375

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Phenotypes and Enviromental Factors: Their Influence in PCOS

, 2012; 18(3): 270 - 282

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GRK2 at the Control Shaft of Cellular Metabolism

, 2012; 18(2): 121 - 127

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Optimization of Cardiac Metabolism in Heart Failure

, 2011; 17(35): 3846 - 3853

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The Future of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Cardiac Therapy and Drug Development

, 2011; 17(30): 3258 - 3270

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Perinatal Gene Transfer to the Liver

, 2011; 17(24): 2528 - 2541

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Recent Progress Toward Hydrogen Medicine: Potential of Molecular Hydrogen for Preventive and Therapeutic Applications

, 2011; 17(22): 2241 - 2252

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PACAP is Implicated in the Stress Axes

, 2011; 17(10): 985 - 989

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Midkine: A Promising Molecule for Drug Development to Treat Diseases of the Central Nervous System

, 2011; 17(5): 410 - 423

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Herbal Medicines and Nutraceuticals for Diabetic Vascular Complications: Mechanisms of Action and Bioactive Phytochemicals

, 2010; 16(34): 3776 - 3807

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Ligand-Based Peptide Design and Combinatorial Peptide Libraries to Target G Protein-Coupled Receptors

, 2010; 16(28): 3071 - 3088

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In Vivo Beta-Cell Imaging with VMAT 2 Ligands - Current State-of-the-Art and Future Perspectives

, 2010; 16(14): 1568 - 1581

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Clinical PET Imaging of Insulinoma and Beta-Cell Hyperplasia

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Prediction of MHC-Peptide Binding: A Systematic and Comprehensive Overview

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Function and Frustration of Multi-Drug ABC Exporter Protein and Design of Model Proteins for Drug Delivery Using Protein Hydration Thermodynamics

, 2009; 15(24): 2833 - 2867

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The Effects of Antipsychotics on the Brain: What Have We Learnt from Structural Imaging of Schizophrenia? – A Systematic Review

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Modulating Proteostasis: Peptidomimetic Inhibitors and Activators of Protein Folding

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The Role of the Gut Microbiota in Energy Metabolism and Metabolic Disease

, 2009; 15(13): 1546 - 1558

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Peptide-Mediated Cellular Delivery of Oligonucleotide-Based Therapeutics In Vitro: Quantitative Evaluation of Overall Efficacy Employing Easy to Handle Reporter Systems

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The Use of Growth Factors in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

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Apoptosis in the Homeostasis of the Immune System and in Human Immune Mediated Diseases

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Advances in Asthma and COPD Treatment: Combination Therapy with Inhaled Corticosteroids and Long-Acting β2-Agonists.

, 2006; 12(25): 3261 - 3279

A. Miller-Larsson and O. Selroos

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