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"Current Nanoscience has built a special multifaceted niche in the growing world of nanoscience and nanotechnology with its attention to medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology related quality publications, in addition to excellent articles in the fields of materials, physics and electronics".

Dr. Erol Sancaktar, Ph.D., FASME
Professor, Polymer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, The University of Akron, Akron OH 44325-0301, USA

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Applications of Nanocomposites in Humidity Sensors and Solar Cells

Guest Editor(s): Sher Bahadar Khan, Muhammad Tariq Saeed
Tentative Publication Date: December, 2018
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Nanomaterials for Energy-Related Applications

Current Nanoscience, Volume 13, Number 4
Guest Editor(s): Zhiping Luo, Dong Fang

Authors' Comments
I would like to congratulate you on the great work on our paper in Current Nanoscience.
All the people in Bentham Science have been very helpful, prompt when I needed assistance and have exhibited a high level of professionalism.
It is very likely that I will consider your journal for the submission of papers in the future and I will recommend it to my colleagues.

Angelos P. Markopoulos
(Section of Manufacturing Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece)

Current Nanoscience


Volume 14


Number 4

Biography   Open Access

Research Article

Research Article

Synthesis, Photocatalytic Performance and Kinetic Study of TiO2/Ag Particles

, 14(4): 273 - 279

Uraiwan Werapun*, Warit Werapun, Seppo Juhani Karrila, Atiphon Phatthiya, Parinuch Chumkaew and Jaraslak Pechwang

DOI: 10.2174/1573413714666180115121150

Research Article

Research Article

Graphene based Wideband Arc Truncated Terahertz Antenna for Wireless Communication

, 14(4): 290 - 297

Gaurav Bansal*, Anupma Marwaha, Amanpreet Singh, Rajni Bala and Sanjay Marwaha

DOI: 10.2174/1573413714666180115120022

Research Article

Nanoprecipitated Ethylcellulose-Curcumin Particles for Controlled Release and Enhanced Antioxidant Activity

, 14(4): 298 - 306

Rajat Subhra Dutta, Lalhlenmawia Hauzel, Probin Kumar Roy, Pratap Kalita, Takhellambam Bidyapati Devi, Dhitashree Deka and Lalduhsanga Pachuau*

DOI: 10.2174/1573413714666180115124626

Research Article

Biological Activity of Surface Modified Nanocrystals

, 14(4): 307 - 312

Adam S. Opalski, Ilona Grabowska-Jadach* and Slawomir Oszwaldowski

DOI: 10.2174/1573413714666180215152448

Research Article

Biogenic Fabrication of Au/Pd Bimetallic Quantum Dots from Mushroom Extract and their Application to Organic Dye Pollutant Reduction

, 14(4): 313 - 318

Musalikunta Chandra Sekhar, Bommireddy Purusottam Reddy, Koduru Mallikarjuna*, Guntupalli Gopi Krishna and Si-Hyun Park*

DOI: 10.2174/1573413714666180119142426

Current Nanoscience, Volume 14 (2018) - Number 5

This issue is in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable.

Study of Electronic Band Structure and Optical Properties Al-F co-doped ZnO

Linxin Wang, Xiaopeng Zhu, Lei Bai, Lin Lu, Yao Li and Xiujuan Qin

View Abstract

Latent Fingerprint Visualization and Subsequent DNA Extraction Using Electron Beam Evaporation of Metallic Ultra-Thin Films

Haiping Wang, Dongbo Mi, Wanxu Wang, Hongliang Zhang*, Dongsheng Tong, Shengjiang Wang and Feng Gao

View Abstract

Concept of Reverse Micelle Method For the Synthesis of Nano-Structured Materials

Irfan Hussain Lone*, Nagi R.E. Radwan, Jeenat Aslam and Arifa Akhter

View Abstract

Synthesis and Characterization of C-TiO2 Nanomaterials Via Carbon Assistance Method

Qiang Zhang, Zhenyin Hai, Jie Wang, Aoqun Jian, Qianqian Duan, Jianlong Ji, Wendong Zhang and Shengbo Sang*

View Abstract

A Facile Synthesis of Cu2O and CuO Nanoparticles Via Sonochemical Assisted Method

Sathish Mohan Botsaa, Ramadevi Dharmasoth and Keloth Basavaiah*

View Abstract

Transformed Double-Capped Gold Nanorods in Dye Co-Sensitized Solar Cells for Semitransparent Windows

Marina Mazzoni*, Janardan Daggar, Sarah Lai, Sonia Centi, Fulvio Ratto, Roberto Pini and Lorenzo Zani

View Abstract

Preparation and Investigation of Ag Nanoparticles/TOPAS Nanocomposite Films for Packaging Applications

Hareem Zainab, Zakir Hussain, Ahmad Nawaz Khan, Usman Liaqat, Muhammad Bilal Khan Niazi and Tahir A. Baig

View Abstract

Silver Nanoparticle-Based Arrays into Mesoporous Thin Films Structures for Photoelectronic Circuits

Diana Catherine Delgado, Andres Di Donato, Paolo Catalano and Martín G. Bellino*

View Abstract

Flakes Size-Dependent Optical and Electrochemical Properties of MoS2

, 2018; 14(5): 416 - 420

Eslam Atef Abdelaziz Aboelazm, Gomaa Abdelgawad Mohammed Ali , Hamed Algarn and Kwok Feng Chong*

DOI: 10.2174/1573413714666180228152602

3D Hierarchical Ni/NiCo2O4 Core-Shell Nanotube Arrays with High Capacitance and Stable Cycling Performance for Supercapacitor

, 2018; 14(1): 26 - 32

Ying-Qi Li , Jian-Chen Li, Li-Ping Han , Hang Shi , Zi Wen , Gang Liu , Xing-You Lang * and Qing Jiang

DOI: 10.2174/1573413713666170822163918

Preparation and Absorption Capacities of Two-Component Supramolecular Gels

, 2017; 13(5): 485 - 493

Shengwei Huo, Yuting Meng, Tifeng Jiao*, Kai Ma, Yamei Liu, Ruirui Xing and Lexin Zhang

DOI: 10.2174/1573413713666170623085306

Enhanced Electrochemical Properties of Bi Nanowires as Anode Materials in Lithium and Sodium Batteries

, 2017; 13(4): 342 - 348

Zhi Zhou, Shengxiong Huang, Wei Luo, Chang Wang, Xin Fan, Nan Zhou*, Renzhuo Wan and Dong Fang*

DOI: 10.2174/1573413713666170503112020

A Short Overview on Light Enhancement in SOI and Void Nanostructures

, 2015; 11(1): 49 - 55

M. Ciobanu, D. Savastru, R. Savastru, A. Popescu, S. Miclos, M. Tautan and M.I. Rusu

DOI: 10.2174/1573413710666140807223454

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