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Advancement in Nanotheranostics for Effective Skin Cancer Therapy: State of the Art

Md. Habban Akhter*, Mohamed Jawed Ahsan, Mahfoozur Rahman, Siraj Anwar and Md. Rizwanullah

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Role of Nanomedicine in Treatment of Brain Cancer

Shivani Verma, Puneet Utreja, Pradeep Saha, Deo Nandan Prasad and Lalit Kumar

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Shaping and Cellular Uptake of Folic Acid Coated Gold and Magnetite Nanoparticles

Ahmed Elshahawy*, Gamal Elghanam and Alsayed A.M. Alsherbini

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Development and Evaluation of Lycopene Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles

Anju Dhiman* and Divtrannum Bhalla

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Double PEGylation Significantly Improves Pharmacokinetic Properties of Irinotecan Containing Nanoparticles in a Zebrafish Model

Uday Saxena*, Marina Rajadurai*, Surendar Basaveni, Swapna Yellanki, Raghavender Medishetti, Aarti Sevilimedu and Pushkar Kulkarni

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Influence of Lipid’s Main Transition Temperature on the Stability of Chimeric Liposomal Systems

Konstantina Zouliati, Christina Massala, Natassa Pippa, Nikolaos Naziris, Stergios Pispas and Costas Demetzos

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Development and In Vitro Characterization of Paclitaxel Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

R Nithya, Karthik Siram, Ranganathan Hariprasad and Habibur M Rahman*

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Current Trends in Phyto-cancer Therapy Using Nanoparticles

Kripi Vohra, Harish Dureja, Vandana Garg* and Rohit Dutt

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Polymeric Micelles of Modified Chitosan Block Copolymer as Nanocarrier for Delivery of Paclitaxel

Viney Lather, Vipin Saini and Deepti Pandita*

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