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Current Molecular Medicine, Volume 12 - Number 9

Tumor-Intrinsic and Tumor-Extrinsic Factors Impacting Hsp90- Targeted Therapy

, 12(9): 1125 - 1141

S.V. Alarcon, M. Mollapour, M.-J. Lee, S. Tsutsumi, S. Lee, Y.S. Kim, T. Prince, A.B. Apolo, G. Giaccone, W. Xu, L.M. Neckers and J.B. Trepel

DOI: 10.2174/156652412803306729

Alpha-Crystallins and Tumorigenesis

, 12(9): 1164 - 1173

P. Chen, W. Ji, F.-Y. Liu, H.-Z. Tang, S. Fu, X. Zhang, M. Liu, L. Gong, M. Deng, W.-F. Hu, X.-H. Hu, X.-W. Chen, Z.-L. Li, X. Li, J. Liu and D.W.-C. Li

DOI: 10.2174/156652412803306747

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