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Current Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 19 - Number 17

Iron Chelators for the Treatment of Cancer

, 19(17): 2689 - 2702

Y. Yu, E. Gutierrez, Z. Kovacevic, F. Saletta, P. Obeidy, Y. Suryo Rahmanto and D. R. Richardson

DOI: 10.2174/092986712800609706

Antimicrobial Action of Chelating Agents: Repercussions on the Microorganism Development, Virulence and Pathogenesis

, 19(17): 2715 - 2737

A. L.S. Santos, C. L. Sodre, R. S. Valle, B. A. Silva, E. A. Abi-chacra, L. V. Silva, A. L. Souza-Goncalves, L. S. Sangenito, D. S. Goncalves, L. O.P. Souza, V. F. Palmeira, C. M. d'Avila-Levy, L. F. Kneipp, A. Kellett, M. McCann and M. H. Branquinha

DOI: 10.2174/092986712800609788

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