Current HIV Research, Volume 9 - Number 5

Differential Innate Immune Responses to Low or High Dose Oral SIV Challenge in Rhesus Macaques

, 9(5): 276 - 288

Andre Durudas, Hui-Ling Chen, Melanie A. Gasper, Vasudha Sundaravaradan, Jeffrey M. Milush, Guido Silvestri, Welkin Johnson, Luis D. Giavedoni and Donald L. Sodora

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797635928

HIV Infection-Related Premature Immunosenescence: High Rates of Immune Exhaustion After Short Time of Infection

, 9(5): 289 - 294

Sara Ferrando-Martinez, Ezequiel Ruiz-Mateos, Maria Concepcion Romero-Sanchez, Ma. Angeles Munoz-Fernandez, Pompeyo Viciana, Miguel Genebat and Manuel Leal

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797636008

The Vpr Gene Polymorphism of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 in China and its Clinical Significance

, 9(5): 295 - 299

Xia Chen, Yuhuang Zheng, Hui Li, Diallo Mamadou, Chunying Zhang, Yan He, Huaying Zhou, Zi Chen and Meng Liu

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797635937

Investigation of Structure-Activity Relationship Between Chemical Structure and CCR5 Anti HIV-1 Activity in a Class of 1-[N-(Methyl)-N- (Phenylsulfonyl)Amino]-2-(Phenyl)-4-[4-(Substituted)Piperidin-1-yl]Butane Derivatives: The Electronic-Topological Approach

, 9(5): 300 - 312

Murat Saracoglu, Sedat Giray Kandemirli, Murat Alper Basaran, Hakan Sayiner and Fatma Kandemirli

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797635964

HIV Shedding in Cervico-Vaginal Secretions in Pregnant Women

, 9(5): 313 - 320

Barbara Gardella, Marianna Roccio, Anna Maccabruni, Bianca Mariani, Lucia Panzeri, Francesca Zara and Arsenio Spinillo

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797636017

Lipodystrophy, Insulin Resistance, and Adiponectin Concentration in HIV-Infected Children and Adolescents

, 9(5): 321 - 326

Alessandra Vigano, Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti, Chiara Cerini, Sara Stucchi, Maria Puzzovio, Vania Giacomet and Stefano Mora

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797635946

Accuracy of Ultrasound Imaging Technique for Assessing Lipoatrophy in HIV-Infected Subjects

, 9(5): 327 - 333

Giovanna Ferraioli, Carmine Tinelli, Luigia Scudeller, Gaetano Filice and Carlo Filice

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797635955

Itraconazole vs Fluconazole as a Primary Prophylaxis for Fungal Infections in HIV-Infected Patients in Thailand

, 9(5): 334 - 338

Romanee Chaiwarith, Apinya Fakthongyoo, Jutarat Praparattanapan, Darakorn Boonmee, Thira Sirisanthana and Khuanchai Supparatpinyo

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797635991

Gender Differences in Liver Fibrosis and Hepatitis C Virus-Related Parameters in Patients Coinfected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus

, 9(5): 339 - 345

Julio Collazos, Jose Antonio Carton and Victor Asensi

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797635982

Womens Desire for Children in an HIV Population: A Clinical Pilot Study in Burkina Faso

, 9(5): 346 - 351

Lemoine Caroline, Willems Nathalie, Hien Alain Diedon, Karama Robert, Somda Idovide and Englert Yvon

DOI: 10.2174/157016211797635973

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