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Natural Agents as Alternatives to Synthetic Ones

Guest Editor(s): Shahid‐ul‐Islam
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Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction using Biological Methods

Current Environmental Engineering, Volume 03, Number 02
Guest Editor(s): Patrick Hettiaratchi

Authors' Comments
Thank you for publishing my paper. The services and qualities of Current Environmental Engineering Journal are the best.  I had a very good experience with you.

Meenal Gupta
(Central Pollution Control Board Vadodara, Gujarat, India)

Current Environmental Engineering


Volume 4


Number 3


Review Article

Review Article

Research Article

Environmental Impact of Recycling Electronic Waste Using Thermal Plasma: in-Depth Analysis of Aerosol Particulates Captured in Gas Filters

, 4(3): 169 - 176

G. Ellamparuthy, P. S. Mukherjee, R. Khanna, K. Jayasankar, R. Cayumil, M. Ikram-Ul-Haq, V. Sahajwalla and B. K. Mishra

DOI: 10.2174/2212717804666170213104524

Research Article

Research Article

Research Article

Research Article

Acoustic Cavitation Assisted Preparation of Poly(Acrylic Acid)-Halloysitenanoclay Hydrogel for Removal of AuramineO Dye from Effluent

Dipak V. Pinjari*, Sammit E. Karekar, Dipak K. Chandre, Kunal A. Gondhalekar and Shirish H Sonawane

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Treatment of Sewage Water Using Microalgae in Combination with Mem-brane Bioreactor: An Eco-Friendly Cost Effective Approach

Gayatri S. Gera, Vaibhav Salunkhe, Ulhas Kharul, Supriya Y. Jadhav, Prajakta Mulay, Tanushree Bhattacharjee and Sanjay Kamble*

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Prediction of Rate Constant of Photocatalytic Degradation of Pharmaceu-tical Pollutants by Artificial Intelligence based Genetic Programming Formalism

Shishir Tiwary, Makarand Naniwadekar, Rupali Sonolikar, Sanket Bapat, Aditi Yerudkar, Sanjay Kamble, Sanjeev S. Tambe* and Gaurav Kothari

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2,3-Butanediol Production from Biodiesel Derived Glycerol

Chandrashekhar V. Rode*, Roopa D. Parate and Mahesh S. Dharne

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Formation and Dissociation Kinetics in Simulated Hydrate Bearing Reservoir

Vivek Barmecha, Gaurav Bhattacharjee, Rajnish Kumar*, Nilesh Choudhary, Sanjay Kamble, Kiran Patil, Omkar S. Kushwaha and Asheesh Kumar

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Environmentally Benign Chemicals Production from Unused Resources using Water Solvent

Masayuki Shirai*, Osamu Sato, Aritomo Yamaguchi and Chandrashekhar V. Rode

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Nano zero valent iron composites for water decontamination: A review

Nivedita Shukla, Amit Saxena, Vatsana Gupta, Ashok Singh Rawat, Sarita Shrivastava and Pramod Kumar Rai*

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