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Current Drug Targets - Infectious Disorders

Continued as: Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets

Volume 5, 4 Issues, 2005
ISSN: 1875-5852 (Online)
ISSN: 1568-0053 (Print)
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Current Drug Targets - Infectious Disorders , Volume 2 - Number 2

The TB Structural Genomics Consortium: Providing a Structural Foundation for Drug Discovery

, 2(2): 121 - 141

J. Shaun Lott, Thomas C. Terwilliger, William Jacobs, Jr., Bernhard Rupp, Tom Alber, James Sacchettini, David Eisenberg, Min S. Park, Vivek Sharma, Joel Berendzen, Andrew W. Munro, Kirsty J. McLean, David Leys, Vickery L. Arcus, Edward N. Baker, Celia W. Goulding, Jodie M. Johnston, Shekhar C. Mande, Nandita Bachhawat, Avinash Kale, Radha Chauhan, Se Won Suh, Geoffrey S. Waldo, Jin KukYang, Mack R. Kuo, Clare V. Smith, Harindarpal S. Gill, Daniel H. Anderson and Marcin Apostol

DOI: 10.2174/1568005023342551

Antibiotics Targeting Ribosomes: Crystallographic Studies

, 2(2): 169 - 186

Tamar Auerbach, Anat Bashan, Joerg Harms, Frank Schluenzen, Raz Zarivach, Heike Bartels, Ilana Agmon, Maggie Kessler, Marta Pioletti, Francois Franceschi and Ada Yonath

DOI: 10.2174/1568005023342506

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