Most Cited Articles

Ketamine induces toxicity in human neurons differentiated from embryonic stem cells via mitochondrial apoptosis pathway

, 2012; 7(2): 106-119

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The frequency of thrombotic events among adults given antifibrinolytic drugs for spontaneous bleeding: Systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies and randomized trials

, 2012; 7(1): 44-54

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Impulsive and compulsive behaviors during dopamine replacement treatment in Parkinson's disease and other disorders

, 2012; 7(1): 63-75

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Update on the adverse effects of clozapine: Focus on myocarditis

, 2012; 7(1): 55-62

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Use of complementary medicine amongst patients on antiretroviral drugs in an HIV treatment centre in Lagos, Nigeria

, 2012; 7(2): 120-125

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3D in vitro technology for drug discovery

, 2012; 7(1): 37-43

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Exploratory and regulatory assessments on photosafety of new drug entities.

, 2012; 7(2): 140-148

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Selenium and cardiovascular surgery: An overview

, 2012; 7(4): 321-327

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Risk factors for serious adverse effects of thiopurines in patients with Crohn's disease

, 2013; 8(3): 181-185

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DOI: 10.2174/15748863113089990033

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