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Microbial Quality, Antimicrobial Drug Resistance and Multidrug Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus from Milk and Milk Products in Nanded Region, India

Nilesh A. Sonune*

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Characterization and Structural Analysis of Unique Dextran Synthesized by Purified Dextransucrase of Newly Isolated Acetobacter tropicalis

Nisha Semor*, Wamik Azmi and Manisha Gautam

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“Purification of Metagenomic DNA using Novel Nanocomposite Titanium Dioxide-polyaniline (1V) Antimonophosphate, Insights into the Mechanism Underlying Purification Process”

Pushpender Sharma*, Sandeep Kaushal, Jaspreet Kaur Boparai, Ramanpreet Kaur, Gurbir Singh, Tejwant Singh Kang, Rahul Badru and Pritpal Singh

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Competitive Inhibition of Quercetin and Apigenin at the ATP Binding site of D-Alanine-D-Alanine Ligase of Helicobacter pylori – A Molecular Model-ing Approach

Salam Pradeep Singh*, Chandrabose Selvaraj, Bolin Kumar Knowar, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Chingakham Brajakishor Singh and Dinabandhu Sahoo

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