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Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening

Accelerated Technologies for Biotechnology, Bioassays, Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products Research

Volume 25, 14 Issues, 2022
ISSN: 1875-5402 (Online)
ISSN: 1386-2073 (Print)
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Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening , Volume 12 - Number 8

Inhibitors of the Lipid Phosphatase SHIP2 Discovered by High Throughput Affinity Selection-Mass Spectrometry Screening of Combinatorial Libraries

, 12(8): 760 - 771

D. Allen Annis, Cliff C. Cheng, Cheng-Chi Chuang, John D. McCarter, Huw M. Nash, Naim Nazef, Todd Rowe, Robert J.M. Kurzeja and Gerald W. Shipps Jr.

DOI: 10.2174/138620709789104870

Label-Free Detection of Biomolecular Interactions Using BioLayer Interferometry for Kinetic Characterization

, 12(8): 791 - 800

Donald Perillat, Hong Tan, Robert Zuk, Scott Lockard, Janette Phi-Wilson, Michael Howes, Juan Gamez, Tim Ellis, Huddee Ho, Kevin Du, Michael Recknor, Greg Carricato, Joy Concepcion, Lian-She Zhao, Ram Varma, Weilei Ma, Bettina Heidecker, Pu Li, Jing Wei, Henrik Persson, Danfeng Yao, Sae Choo, Charles Wartchow and Krista Witte

DOI: 10.2174/138620709789104915

Enhanced Selectivity Screening of GPCR Ligands Using a Label-Free Cell Based Assay Technology

, 12(8): 812 - 823

Ryan P. McGuinness, John M. Proctor, Debra L. Gallant, Carlo J. van Staden, Jenny T. Ly, Flora L. Tang and Paul H. Lee

DOI: 10.2174/138620709789104861


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