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Plant Bioinformatics: from genome to phenome

Guest Editor(s): Ming Chen, Ziding Zhang, Youhuang Bai
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Application of Novel Computational Methods in Molecular Biology, Biomedicine and Biopharmacy

Current Bioinformatics, Volume 11, Number 1
Guest Editor(s): Yudong Cai Cai

Authors' Comments
I am very much satisfied with the review process and the communication made by the team for my manuscript. I have struggled a lot to prepare the pictures as per the requirements. But your team has patiently given feedback about the corrections and finally agreed to approve. Really, i am very much thankful to that.

Dr. R. R. Rajalaxmia
(Department of CSE, Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode, TamilNadu, India)

Current Bioinformatics


Volume 14


Number 2

Review Article

Research Article   Open Access

Research Article

Benchmarking Classification Models for Cell Viability on Novel Cancer Image Datasets

, 14(2): 108 - 114

Akın Özkan*, Sultan Belgin İşgör, Gökhan Şengül and Yasemin Gülgün İşgör

DOI: 10.2174/1574893614666181120093740

Research Article   Open Access

Research Article

Research Article

Research Article

Robust Pulmonary Nodule Segmentation in CT Image for Juxta-pleural and Juxta-vascular Case

, 14(2): 139 - 147

Zhang Yang*, Xie Yingying, Guo Li, Zhang Zewei, Ding Weifeng, Pan Zhifang and Qin Jing

DOI: 10.2174/1574893613666181029100249

Research Article

Abstracts Ahead of Print

Genetic diversity of Blattella germanica isolates from central China based on mitochondrial genes

Pan Wei, XiaoDong Xie, Ran Wang, JianFeng Zhang, Feng Li, ZhaoPeng Luo, Zhong Wang, MingZhu Wu, Jun Yang and PeiJian Cao*

View Abstract

Systems biology approaches reveal a multi-stress responsive WRKY transcription factor and stress associated gene co-expression networks in chickpea

Aravind K Kumar *, PR Sabale , KR Soren , PS Shanmugavadivel , S Pallavi , S Rathod, SK Chaturvedi and NP Singh

View Abstract

Single-molecule real-time (SMRT) isoform sequencing (Iso-Seq) in plants: The status of the bioinformatics tools to unravel the transcriptome complexity

Yubang Gao, Feihu Xi, Hangxiao zhang, Xuqing Liu, Huiyuan Wang, Liangzhen zhao, Anireddy S.N. Reddy and Lianfeng Gu*

View Abstract

A similarity searching system for biological phenotype images using deep convolutional encoder-decoder architecture

Bizhi Wu, Hangxiao Zhang, Limei Lin, Huiyuan Wang, Yubang Gao, Liangzhen Zhao, Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen*, Riqing Chen* and Lianfeng Gu*

View Abstract

PlncRNADB: a repository of plant lncRNAs and lncRNA-RBP protein interactions

Youhuang Bai, Xiaozhuan Dai, Tiantian Ye, Peijing Zhang, Xu Yan, Xiaonan Gong, Siliang Liang and Ming Chen*

View Abstract

Editor's Choice

Recent Progress in Long Noncoding RNAs Prediction

, 2018; 13(4): 344 - 351

Yuhua Yao*, Xianhong Li, Lili Geng, Xuying Nan, Zhaohui Qi and Bo Liao*

DOI: 10.2174/1574893612666170905153933

Prediction of Protein-Peptide Interactions with a Nearest Neighbor Algorithm

, 2018; 13(1): 14 - 24

Bi-Qing Li, Yu-Hang Zhang, Mei-Ling Jin, Tao Huang and Yu-Dong Cai*

DOI: 10.2174/1574893611666160711162006

Open Access Articles

Dysfunctional Mechanism of Liver Cancer Mediated by Transcription Factor and Non-coding RNA

, 2019; 14(2): 100 - 107

Wei Zeng, Fang Wang, Yu Ma, Xianchun Liang and Ping Chen*

Large-scale Investigation of Long Noncoding RNA Secondary Structures in Human and Mouse

, 2018; 13(5): 450 - 460

Xingli Guo, Lin Gao*, Yu Wang, David K.Y. Chiu, Bingbo Wang, Yue Deng and Xiao Wen

Inter-Species/Host-Parasite Protein Interaction Predictions Reviewed

, 2018; 13(4): 396 - 406

Jumoke Soyemi, Itunnuoluwa Isewon, Jelili Oyelade* and Ezekiel Adebiyi

SARELI: Sequence Alignment by Radial Evaluation of Local Interactions

, 2018; 13(3): 290 - 298

Ricardo Ortega, Arturo Chavoya*, Cuauhtemoc Lopez-Martin and Luis Delaye

A Novel Approach based on Bipartite Network to Predict Human Microbe-Disease Associations

, 2018; 13(2): 141 - 148

Lei Wang*, Pengyao Ping, Linai Kuang, Songtao Ye, Faisal Muhammad Buland lqbal and Tingrui Pei

Novel Elements of Bacterial Genomes – Promoter Islands: Intraspecies Polymorphism and Sequence Stability

, 2017; 12(3): 194 - 201

Sergey S. Kiselev, Olga N. Ozoline*, Olga A. Glazunova, Valeriy V. Panyukov and Konstantin S. Shavkunov

Computer Representations of Bioinformatics Models

, 2016; 11(5): 551 - 560

Tomasz Prejzendanc, Szymon Wasik* and Jacek Blazewicz

Recent Advances in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of DNA Replication Process.

, 2013; 8(5): 591 - 602

Guoli Ji, Yong Zeng, Jinting Guan, Qingshun Q. Li, Congting Ye and Yunlong Liu

Review of Stochastic Stability and Analysis Tumor-Immune Systems

, 2013; 8(4): 390 - 400

Chi s Oana, Opri s Dumitru and Concu Riccardo

Most Cited Articles

Application of the Shortest Path Algorithm for the Discovery of Breast Cancer-Related Genes

, 2016; 11(1): 51-58.

Lei Chen, Zhi Hao Xing, Tao Huang, Yang Shu, GuoHua Huang and Hai-Peng Li*

DOI: 10.2174/1574893611666151119220024

Prioritizing Disease Genes by Using Search Engine Algorithm

, 2016; 11(2): 195-202.

Min Li, Ruiqing Zheng, Qi Li, Jianxin Wang*, Fang-Xiang Wu and Zhuohua Zhang

DOI: 10.2174/1574893611666160125220905

Prediction of Linear B-Cell Epitopes with mRMR Feature Selection and Analysis

, 2016; 11(1): 22-31.

Bi-Qing Li, Lu-Lu Zheng, Kai-Yan Feng, Le-Le Hu, Guo-Hua Huang* and Lei Chen*

DOI: 10.2174/1574893611666151119215131

Computer Representations of Bioinformatics Models

, 2016; 11(5): 551-560.

Tomasz Prejzendanc, Szymon Wasik* and Jacek Blazewicz

DOI: 10.2174/1574893610666150928193510

Reconstruction of the Network of Experimentally Validated AMP-Drug Combinations Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections

, 2016; 11(5): 523-530.

Paula Jorge, Martín Pérez-Pérez, Gael Pérez Rodríguez, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, Maria Olivia Pereira and Anália Lourenço*

DOI: 10.2174/1574893611666160617093955

Most Accessed Articles

Group-sparse Modeling Drug-kinase Networks for Predicting Combinatorial Drug Sensitivity in Cancer Cells

, 2018; 13(5): 437-443.

Hui Liu, Libo Luo, Zhanzhan Cheng, Jianjiang Sun, Jihong Guan, Jie Zheng* and Shuigeng Zhou*

DOI: 10.2174/1574893613666180118104250

Nextpresso: Next Generation Sequencing Expression Analysis Pipeline

, 2018; 13(6): 583-591.

O. Graña*, M. Rubio-Camarillo, F. Fdez-Riverola, D.G. Pisano and D. Glez-Peña

DOI: 10.2174/1574893612666170810153850

Large-scale Investigation of Long Noncoding RNA Secondary Structures in Human and Mouse

, 2018; 13(5): 450-460.

Xingli Guo, Lin Gao*, Yu Wang, David K.Y. Chiu, Bingbo Wang, Yue Deng and Xiao Wen

DOI: 10.2174/1574893613666180118111019

Function Analysis of Human Protein Interactions Based on a Novel Minimal Loop Algorithm

, 2019; 14(2): 164-173.

Mingyang Jiang, Zhili Pei*, Xiaojing Fan, Jingqing Jiang, Qinghu Wang and Zhifeng Zhang

DOI: 10.2174/1574893613666180906103946

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