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Volume 14, 8 Issues, 2017

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Xing-Jie Liang
CAS Key Laboratory for Biomedical Effects of Nanomaterials and Nanosafety
National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of China

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In vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic evaluation of guar gum-Eudragit® S100 based colon-targeted spheroids of sulfasalazine co-administered with probiotics

Abhinav Sharma, Bimlesh Kumar, Sachin Kumar Singh*, Monica Gulati, Yogyata Vaidya, Manik Sadotra, Harish Rathee, Deepak Ghai, Adil Hussain Malik, Ankit Kumar Yadav, Peddi Maharshi, Palak Bawa, Sarvi Yadav Rajesh, Parth Sharma, Narendra Kumar Pandey and Souvik Mohant.

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The Role of Nanoparticles in the Inhibition of Multidrug-resistant Bacteria and Biofilms

Manaf AlMatar*, Essam A. Makky, Isil Var and Fatih Koksal.

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Formulation Optimization and in vitro and in vivo Evaluation of Lornoxicam Ethosomal Gels with Penetration Enhancers

Keke Li, Shanshan Gao, Baocheng Tian, Yanan Shi, Qingzhi Lv and Jingtian Han*.

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Brain Targeted Intranasal Zaleplon Nano-emulsion: In-Vitro Characterization and Assessment of Gamma Aminobutyric Acid Levels in rabbits’ Brain and Plasma at low and high Doses

Eman Abd-Elrasheed, Sara Nageeb El-Helaly*, Manal M. EL-Ashmoony and Salwa Salah.

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Fabrication And Characterization Of Timolol Maleate And Brinzolamide Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carrier System For Ocular Drug Delivery

Nupur Shrivastava*, Saba Khan, Sanjula Baboota and Javed Ali.

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Antiviral effects of saffron and its major ingredients

Sepehr Soleymani, Rezvan Zabihollahi, Sepideh Shahbazi and Azam Bolhassani*.

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Pharmaceutical Product Lead Optimization for Better In Vivo Bioequivalence Performance: A case study of Diclofenac Sodium Extended Release Matrix Tablets

Aliasgar Shahiwala* and Aisha Zarar.

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Rheological characteristics of novel meloxicam-loaded complex organogels based on fumed silica and poloxamer

Tomasz Osmalek*, Anna Froelich, Barbara Jadach, Katarzyna Ancukiewicz and Piotr Gadzinski.

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Tuberculosis treated by multiple drugs: An overview

Gyanendra Singh, Prashant Kesharwani* and A K Shrivastava.

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Physicochemical and toxic properties of Novel Genipin Drug Delivery Systems Prepared by Mechanochemistry

Wenhao Xu, Murong Wen, Weike Su*, Alexander V. Dushkin, Lubov P. Suntsova, Irina D. Markova, Olga Yu. Selyutina and Nikolay E Polyakov.

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Preferential formulation of Second generation antipsychotic Asenapine as Inclusion complex with Sulphobutylether-βCD (Captisol): In vitro and In vivo Evaluation

Amelia Makarand Avachat*, Juilee A. Kulkarni, Charul M. Avachat, Rohan Pradhan, Tushar S. Suryawanshi, E. M. Khan, Elvis A. F. Martis, Evans C. Coutinho and Subhash Padhye.

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Recent progress in delivery of therapeutic and imaging agents utilizing organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles

Haque Sheikh Tanzina and Ezharul Chowdhury*.

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mPEG-PLA Micelle for Delivery of Effective Parts of Andrographis Paniculata

Hailu Yao, Shiyong Song, Xiaolu Miao, Xiao Liu, Zhen Wang, Xiaoting Shao, Yu Zhang and Guang Han*.

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