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Current Organic Chemistry

Volume 23, 28 Issues, 2019
ISSN: 1875-5348 (Online)
ISSN: 1385-2728 (Print)
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Special Thematic Issues

The Chemistry of Allenes
Guest Editor(s): Teresa M.V.D. Pinho e Melo
Tentative Publication Date: November, 2019
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Computation Modeling of Biological Macromolecule
Guest Editor(s): Pufeng Du
Tentative Publication Date: July, 2019
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Amino acids, peptides and peptide mimetics: a way to diseases prevention and treatment
Guest Editor(s): Javier Eduardo Garcia Castañeda, Zuly Jenny Rivera Monroy
Tentative Publication Date: November, 2019
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Green technologies for biomass upgrading and relevant processes
Guest Editor(s): Hu Li
Tentative Publication Date: July, 2019
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Carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond forming reactions under greener conditions- part 1
Guest Editor(s): Bubun Banerjee
Tentative Publication Date: November, 2019
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Waste Biomass Utilization for Value-added Green Products
Guest Editor(s): Umer Rashid, Abdul-Sattar Nizami, Mohammad Rehan
Tentative Publication Date: September, 2019
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Combination of experimental and computational approaches: Recent development in catalytic organic and bioorganic reactions
Guest Editor(s): Tayebeh Hosseinnejad, Majid M. Heravi
Tentative Publication Date: July, 2019
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Recent Advances in Solid Phase Organic Synthesis (SPOS)
Guest Editor(s): Lalthazuala Rokhum, Ghanashyam Bez
Tentative Publication Date: June, 2019
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Recent Advances Connected To Diels-Alder Cycloadditions

Guest Editor(s): Dean Marković, François-Hugues PORÉE

Harnessing Molecular Strain in Organic Synthesis and Related Fields

Guest Editor(s): Mingji Dai

Recent Progress in Studies of Pyrolysis Chemistry and Kinetics

Guest Editor(s): Haruo Kawamoto, Qingang Xiong

The Lab-on-a-Protein Concept: Protein as Powerful Nanometric Laboratory for Chemical Sciences

Guest Editor(s): Marco Filice

Organic Materials in Nanomedicine

Guest Editor(s): Yiwen Li

Sugars as multifunctional units in nanosized materials

Guest Editor(s): Hongguang Li

Coupling Chemistry – New Challenges and Novel Catalysts

Guest Editor(s): Arpád Molnar

Organic Functionalization of Carbon Nanostructures

Guest Editor(s): Dimos Konstantinos

Macrocyclic Hosts: from molecular recognition to applications

Guest Editor(s): Giuseppe Trusso Sfrazzetto

Advances in Marine Natural Products and Nucleoside based Therapeutics: Synthesis and Biological activities

Guest Editor(s): Mahesh Satu Majik

Selective Metal Carbene Reactions in Small Cyclic Compounds Construction

Guest Editor(s): Xinfang Xu

Current Developments in Organochalcogens Chemistry

Guest Editor(s): Joao Batista Teixeira da Rocha

Multi-Catalysis For Efficient Biomass Conversions And OrganicTransformations

Guest Editor(s): Song Yang, Hu Li, Pinaki S Bhadury

Organic Polymeric Matrices For The Three-Dimensional Immobilization Of Proteins: A Biochemical And Biophysical Perspective

Guest Editor(s): Stefano Bettati, Stefano Bruno

From Synthesis and Functionalization to Applications

Guest Editor(s): Sakellariou Georgios

Organofluorine Chemistry

Guest Editor(s): Jinhong Lin

Chemical sensors: Design, Synthesis and Applications

Guest Editor(s): Maria Giovanna Buonomenna

Molecular Recognition From Organic Methodology, Synthesis And Catalysis To Advanced Functional Material Design

Guest Editor(s): Yagang Zhang

New Synthetic Routes and Technologies for Potent Anti-Cancer Drugs

Guest Editor(s): Pinaki S. Bhadury, Jun Pang

Biomass to new energy

Guest Editor(s): Lu Baowang

Sustainable Catalysts and Benign Organic Transformations

Guest Editor(s): Manoj B. Gawande

Graph Theory and Molecular Topology in Organic Chemistry

Guest Editor(s): Mihai V. Putz

Recent Advancements in Cosmetics and Food from Bioactive Natural Products and Chemical Synthetic Compounds

Guest Editor(s): Hui-Min Wang

Advanced Materials for the Elimination and Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Pollutants

Guest Editor(s): Xiaofei Yang

Bioactive Heterocycles

Guest Editor(s): Anamik Shah

Organic Contaminants in House Dust

Guest Editor(s): Ana Sousa, Shin Takahashi, Shinsuke Tanabe

Hybrid organic-inorganic materials for sustainable applications

Guest Editor(s): Maria Giovanna Buonomenna

Nutraceuticals with Green Chemistry

Guest Editor(s): Su Chen, Vaishali Agte

Simple sugars in stereocontrolled organic synthesis

Guest Editor(s): Sławomir Jarosz

Innovative Nanoporous Materials for Heterogeneous Catalysis

Guest Editor(s): Lin-Bing Sun, Werbitzky Oleg

Large Molecules with Potential - How Could Biotechnology Complement Chemistry?

Guest Editor(s): Hans-Peter Meyer, Werbitzky Oleg

Novel Strategies to Eradicate Bacterial Communities Based on Nano and Biomaterials

Guest Editor(s): Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu

Quinone Methides: a powerful tool in chemical biology

Guest Editor(s): Marco Di Antonio

Bioactive Natural Product Search and Discovery from the Sea

Guest Editor(s): Bin Wu, Kui-Wu Wang

Recent Progress on Molecular Recognition And Supramolecular Devices

Guest Editor(s): Feng Liang, Simin Liu, Cheng Wang


György Keglevich
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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Current Organic Chemistry was launched in 2007. Dr. György Keglevich serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.
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