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CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets

Formerly: Current Drug Targets - CNS & Neurological Disorders

Volume 21, 10 Issues, 2022
ISSN: 1996-3181 (Online)
ISSN: 1871-5273 (Print)
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Meet the Executive Guest Editor(s)

Pooja Chawla
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
ISF College of Pharmacy
Dr Pooja Chawla is working as a Professor and the head at the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, ISF College of Pharmacy Moga, India. She has nearly 13 years of experience in the research, discovery and development of biologically active pharmaceuticals. Dr Chawla holds a PhD degree in Medicinal Chemistry and has published 3 books and more than 40 papers in national/international journals. She is currently serving as a reviewer for international journals of repute. She also presented a poster at FIP in 2011 and CTDDR in 2013 and delivered an oral talk at the World Chemistry Congress, Dubai 2019. She has guided 47 post-graduate projects, and her research team involves 3 master and 2 doctoral research scholars.

Malvina Hoxha
Department of Chemical-Toxicological and Pharmacological Evaluation of Drugs
Catholic University Our Lady of Good Counsel
Dr. Hoxha is a researcher and lecturer of pharmacology at the Catholic University ‘Our Lady of Good Counsel’, Tirana, Albania. She graduated in pharmacy (Summa cum Laude), and obtained her PhD in pharmacology at the Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Milan. Her area of research is focused mainly on arachidonic acid metabolites and their role in different in- flammatory diseases. Dr. Hoxha attended a post-doctorate at the University of Granada, Spain, and recently she obtained a research award from the Austrian Academy of Science. In 2019, she was elected as a national delegate of the ERS (European Respiratory Society).

Mohammad A. Kamal
King Fahd Medical Research Center
King Abdulaziz University
(Saudi Arabia)
Dr. Mohammad Amjad Kamal is a Distinguished Adjunct Professor at the King Fahd Medical Research Center (KFMRC), King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. He is leading a highly productive global collaborative research team based on Novel Global Community Educational Foundation (NGCEF), Australia. Dr. Kamal's biochemical research in the field of Alzheimer’s disease, Type 2 diabetes and leukemia has culminated in more than 380 publications in internationally respected journals. Dr. Kamal was awarded a prestigious U2000 Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2000 by the University of Sydney. This three years highly competitive award funded his research on the "Inhibition of amido phosphoribosyltransferase by new antifolates". Amongst numerous projects, Dr. Kamal also collaborated on the molecular biological research project “Linkage of Alzheimer’s disease and Type 2 diabetes” at the University of Technology, Sydney. Moreover, he is serving as an EiC/regional/editorial member/guest editor of several reputed scientific journals on honorable basis.

Aristeidis H. Katsanos
Division of Neurology
McMaster University
Population Health Research Institute
Hamilton, ON
Dr. Aristeidis H. Katsanos, MD, Ph.D., is currently a clinical fellow in stroke medicine at the McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He received his graduate and post-graduate degrees from the University of Ioannina School of Medicine, Greece. His research focuses on the evidence-based evaluation of emerging diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to acute stroke treatment and secondary stroke prevention. He has a particular enthusiasm for epidemiology, biostatistics and meta-research. He has actively participated in numerous research projects and international collaborations and has published more than 140 papers in high-impact medical journals, indexed in PubMed, which according to Google Scholar, have received more than 1981 cita- tions (H-index 26), to date.

Rakesh Kumar
Zoology Department
Ravenshaw University
Dr. Rituraj Niranjan is currently working as a Scientist-C in the area of immune system associated disorders. He is engaged in the different immune system associated disorders like, allergy, fibrosis, acute kidney failure, neuroinflammation, nanoparticle-based drug delivery system. Dr. Rituraj Niranjan work focuses on the role of Interleukin-15 (IL-15) in the gastrointestinal disorders. He has done his Ph.D. degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in the area of neuropharmacology working at the central drug Research institute (CDRI), Lucknow, India. He completed his first post doc from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, USA and then did his second post doc from Cincinnati Children Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Aruna Sharma
Department Of Surgical Sciences; Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine
Uppsala University
Aruna Sharma did MD, PhD from Varanasi, India, is a Swedish Citizen and Secretary of Research International Experimental Central Nervous System (CNS) injury & Repair (IECNSIR). She is currently working at Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala University, Sweden. She is a qualified experimental Neuropathologist who received training from Karl Marx University Leipzig, Institute of Neurobiology (1987-1988); Semmelweis University Medical School, Department of Human Morphology and Developmental Biology, Budapest, Hungary (1988-1989), Free University Berlin, Germany (1989-1991) and Neuropathology Institute Uppsala (1992-1995). Her main interest is focused on Indian and Chinese Medicinal drugs and their effects on the Central Nervous System Function, toxicology, neurorepair and neuroprotection and their neurotoxicological profiles. Dr. Sharma received prestigious awards. She has published over 140 original research papers in Reputed Neuroscience Journals with an H-index = 22 as of today.

Hari S. Sharma
Department of Surgical Sciences
Uppsala University
Hari Shanker Sharma, Director of Research (International Experimental Central Nervous System Injury & Repair, IECNSIR), University Hospital, Uppsala University is Professor of Neurobiology (MRC), Docent in Neuroanatomy (UU) and is currently affiliated with Department of Surgical Sciences, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Uppsala University, Sweden. His current research on nanobiotechnology is supported by European Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD), London, UK and US Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH, USA. Dr. Sharma published over 400 research papers (H-index 43), and serving editor of Progress in Brain research series and International review of Neurobiology.

Drozdstoy Stoyanov
Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology
Medical University of Plovdiv
Brisbane, Queensland
Dr. Drozdstoy Stoyanov holds currently the academic position of Full Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology and Scientific Secretary of the Research Institute at Medical University, Plovdiv. He is Vice Chair of Philosophy SIG, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, Visiting Fellow in the University of Pittsburgh, USA (2009), International Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (2018), Guest Lecturer in the Universities of Copenhagen (2015), Vienna (2017) and Bergen (2018).He published more than 180 scholarly papers, including five monographs and three textbooks. Dr. Stoyanov is Associate Editor of Frontiers in Psychiatry and the European Journal of Person Centered Health Care; Editorial Board member of Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neurosciences, International Journal for Person Centered Medicine, and others. Ad hoc reviewer in Molecular Neurobiology, Human Brain Mapping, Journal of Affective Disorders, The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment.

Kun Xiong
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
School of Basic Medical Sciences
Central South University
Prof. Kun Xiong is the Chairman of the Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology at the School of Basic Medical Science, Central South University. His research interests include the regulatory mechanisms of neuronal death, including apoptosis and necroptosis in brain disorders and glaucoma. Prof. Kun Xiong earned his Bachelor of Medicine (Clinical Medicine) and PhD degrees in human anatomy at Central South University. He has worked as a visiting scholar at the Department of Anatomy in the School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University, US. Notably, Prof. Kun Xiong’s research has been funded by more than 10 foundations, including 4 National Natural Science Foundations of China. He has authored 60 manuscripts. He has also served as a reviewer for multiple international journals and as an editorial member for several journals (Medicine and Neural Regeneration Research, etc.).

Hong Zhang
Institute of Interdisciplinary Integrative Medicine Research
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr. Hong Zhang received his Ph.D. degree in formulaology from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in May 2005. He joined the Second Military Medical University as a lecturer in June 2005 and became an associate professor in 2009. He moved to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as an associate professor in August, 2018. Currently his research interests are focused on the anti-cancer activity, target and compatibility mechanism for Chinese medicines and natural products.


Edoardo Spina
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
University of Messina
Policlinico Universitario
Via Consolare Valeria
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Current Drug Targets - CNS & Neurological Disorders was launched in 2002 and later renamed in 2006 as CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets.

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