Forthcoming Thematic Issues

CSS-SII20232405-01 New IT-based Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Co-Section Editor-in-Chief: Peihan Wen

Aug 2023
CSS-SII20230419-01 Advancements in Information Science with Emerging Technologies

Guest Editor: Justin Zhang

Co-Guest Editor: Sajjad M. Jasimuddin

July 2023
CSS-SII20230314-01 Public Services and Public Utilities: Trends and Perspectives Paola Olimpia Achard June 2023 CSS-SII20230314-01.pdf CSS-SII20230310-01 Public Policies and Socio-economic Well-being of Underserved Groups in China Wei Li August 2023 CSS-SII20230310-01.pdf CSS-SII20230220-01 New Institutional Economics Yiming he May 2023 CSS-SII20230220-01.pdf CSS-SII20230206-01 Social Psychiatry: What is left to discover? Marco Colizzi Grazia Rutigliano November 2023 CSS-SII20230206-01.pdf CSS-SII20230131-01 Be Smart about Differences in Digital Societies Sandro Serpa Carlos Miguel Ferreira April 2023 CSS-SII20230131-01.pdf CSS-SII20221212-01 Sustainable and Human-centralized Urban Sciences Wei Wang Xiaoyu Zhou Dec 2023 CSS-SII20221212-01.pdf CSS-SII20221121-01 Social practices of misinformation and disinformation Tiziana Guzzo Giovanni Boccia Artieri Patrizia Grifoni September 2023 CSS-SII20221121-01.pdf CSS-SII20220912-01 Health policy and health human resource Feng Jiang June 2023 CSS-SII20220912-01.pdf
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