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Volume 1 , Issues 4, 2023

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

CIS-SII20230127-02 Recent Advances in Polymer Materials: Development, Characterization, Performance Evaluation and Applications M.G.H. Zaidi June 2023 CIS-SII20230127-02.pdf CIS-SII20230127-01 Genotyping Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs) for Personalized Medicine Subhendu Sekhar Bag September 2023 CIS-SII20230127-01.pdf CIS-SII20221230-01 Carbon Materials for Energy Applications Shashank Sundriyal August 2023 CIS-SII20221230-01.pdf CIS-SII20221222-01 2D Materials for Energy Storage & Sensing Applications Brahmananda Chakraborty April 2023 CIS-SII20221222-01.pdf CIS-SII20221128-01 Simulation and Modelling L. Rajendran March 2023 CIS-SII20221128-01.pdf CIS-SII20220922-01 Dynamics of heavy metals pollution and its remediation Shiv Prasad December 2022 CIS-SII20220922-01.pdf CIS-SII20220921-01 The Emerging Role of Quantitative Genetics in Crop Improvement Vijay Gahlaut February 2023 CIS-SII20220921-01.pdf CIS-SII20220913-01 Synthesis, Structure, Properties, Application, and Technological Aspects of Metal-Organic Framework Rampal Pandey March 2023 CIS-SII20220913-01.pdf CIS-SII20220912-01 Phosphors for Radiation Dosimetry Vikas Dubey January 2023 CIS-SII20220912-01.pdf CIS-SII20220905-01 Molecular Docking and Screening Based Identification of Potential Inhibitors in the Modern Drug Discovery Era Mohammad Abid November 2022 CIS-SII20220905-01.pdf CIS-SII20220817-01 Carbon based catalytic nanostructured materials Tushar Kanti Das August 2022 CIS-SII20220817-01.pdf CIS-SII20220627-02 Implications of Surface Modified Novel carriers for the treatment of cancer Neeraj Mishra December 2022 CIS-SII20220627-02.pdf CIS-SII20220627-01 Targeted Nanomedicine for Cancer Therapy Shivani Rai Paliwal March 2023 CIS-SII20220627-01.pdf CIS-SII20220616-01 Rumen Microbes and Feed Degradation D.N. Kamra June 2023 CIS-SII20220616-01.pdf CIS-SII20220517-01 Chemistry Of Heterocyclic Compounds T. R. Swaroop August 2022 CIS-SII20220517-01.pdf
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