Current Chinese Computer Science

ISSN (Print): 2665-9972
ISSN (Online): 2665-9964

Volume 2 , Issues 1, 2022

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Forthcoming Thematic Issues

CCCS-SII20200529-01 Applications of Internet of Things and Web of Things Li Xiaoyan Chen Chi-Hua March 2021 CCCS-SII20200714-01.pdf CCCS-SII20200512-02 Data Engineering & Machine Learning Applications Radhakrishna Prof. V. Rajasekhar Dr. N. August 2020 CCCS-SII20200512-02.pdf CCCS-SII20200512-01 Topological Data Analysis: Topology as a Paradigm for Machine Learning and Data Mining Coelho de Andrade Mauren Louise Sguario August 2020 CCCS-SII20200512-01.pdf CCCS-SII20200204-02 Current Trends in Cognitive Science and Brain Computer Interface Applications Sinha G.R. March 2020 CCCS-SII20200204-02.pdf CCCS-SII20200204-01 Big Data Analytics in Photovoltaic / Thermal Hybrid Solar System Yousif Jabar H. May 2020 CCCS-SII20200204-01.pdf CCCS-SII20191212-01 Operations Research/Management Science in Healthcare: New Methodologies and Applications Gul Muhammet February 2021 CCCS-SII20191212-01.pdf CCCS-SII20190701-01 Neutrosophic Theory and Applications Ye Jun Smarandache Florentin October 2019 CCCS-SII20190701-01.pdf
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