Biodiversity Conservation - Challenges for the Future

Current and Likely Trends in Biodiversity Conservation

Author(s): Rajmohan K.

Pp: 65-70 (6)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681080215115010008

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Crop and livestock genetic resource conservation must be strengthened. Botanic gardens, zoological parks and public aquaria must be strengthened. Human Capacity to Conserve Biodiversity must be improved. Global biodiversity information network has to be established. Basic and applied research on biodiversity conservation must be promoted. Increased public participation, respect for basic human rights and improved access to education and information are essential elements of biodiversity conservation. The costs and benefits of biodiversity conservation should be shared equitably among nations and people.

Keywords: Alpha diversity, Beta diversity, biodiversity, botanic gardens, cDNA library, conservation, cryopreservation, Gamma diversity, gene bank, habitat loss, sacred forest, tissue culture.

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