Technology for a Sustainable Environment

Contribution of Green Technologies in Getting Sustainable Environment

Author(s): Bhupinder Dhir *

Pp: 253-270 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815124033123010017

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Green technologies provide an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional technologies. Conventional technologies used for combating pollution show certain limitations and drawbacks. Green technologies have been accepted worldwide for their advantages, such as easy availability, less environmental harm and sustainability. In recent years, solar, wind, geothermal energy, and alternate fuels, such as biogas and biodiesel, have emerged as eco-friendly alternatives to conventional energy sources and fuels. Green technologies, such as developing eco-friendly and recyclable products, have restricted the release of greenhouse gases, generation of waste, and exploitation of natural resources to a great extent. Green technologies thus provide a sustainable option to prevent environmental degradation and over-exploitation of natural resources. Carbon-neutral alternatives have the potential to meet the needs of present and future generations. The production of clean energy is one of the major approaches to get a sustainable environment. Developing clean and environmentally friendly carbon-neutral alternatives can prove useful in meeting the needs of the fuels of present and future generations. 

Keywords: Biodiesel, Biofuels, Geothermal energy, Green products, Solar energy, Wind energy.

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