Computer Assistive Technologies for Physically and Cognitively Challenged Users

Assistive Technology for Home Comfort and Care

Author(s): Annu Rani*, Vishal Goyal and Lalit Goyal

Pp: 73-97 (25)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079159123020006

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Every second, individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities struggle so much to do some actions that normal people easily do within seconds. Assistive Technologies (AT) are those modules or sets of arrangements that aim to make life easy for disabled people, by stopping blockage and improving their mental and physical power. They improve their working capability, confidence, standard of living, and optimism. In modern times, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technologies are developing rapidly, and new machines, motors, and mostly electronic devices powered by powerful batteries are being built every second. These are making it possible for disabled people to become self-dependent. Today, Assistive technology devices are efficient and suitable for disabled people. This chapter aims to provide in-depth knowledge about various types of disabilities, how disabled people face different problems and challenges, and how they can select and use assistive devices and mobile apps to live independently and comfortably.

Keywords: Ability, Activities, Aids, Assistive Technology, Comfort, Communication, Devices, Disability, Disabled People, Disease, Difficulty, Guardian, Help, Independence, Home, Individual, Mobility, Obstacles, Product, Person, Services.

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