Elements of Clinical Study Design, Biostatistics & Research

Statistical Methods for Relationship Variables

Author(s): S.S. Patel and Aditya Patel

Pp: 55-70 (16)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123791123010007

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In the language of statistics, research is a planned & systemic method of data collection, analysis, & drawing conclusions. In this chapter, a demonstration of the relationship between numerical, nominal & ordinal data & calculation of other statistical techniques applicable in critical research, is described in a nutshell.

Keywords: Anova, Ara, Bayes theorem, Correlation coefficient, Cer, Eer, Likely hood ratio, Multiple regression, Nnt, Odds ratio (or), Probability, Regression, Roc curve, Rrr, Sensitivity, Specificity.

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