A Critical Understanding of Artificial Intelligence: A Phenomenological Foundation

Radical Embodied Truths for Artificial Intelligence

Author(s): Algis Mickunas and Joseph Pilotta

Pp: 227-247 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123401123010014

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Embodiment distinguishes between two bodies, which are the body regarded as a physiological entity, and the phenomenal body, which is not just somebody, some particular physiological entity, but my or your body as it is experienced. It is understood as a phenomenal body. Nobody is an entity. Typically, one experiences one’s body and potential capacity for doing this and that. Moreover, the sense that I have my own body capacities is expressed in bodily confidence. It does not depend on understanding the physiological process involved in performing the action in question. The distinction between the objective and the phenomenal body is central to understanding the logical treatment of embodiment. Embodiment is not a concept that pertains to the body grasped as a physiological entity, but rather it pertains to the phenomenal body in the role played in oriented experience. Fundamental to embodiment is space/time/motion and its manifestation of circularity of AI research/AI researched.

Keywords: Revolution, Truth, Signification, Thing, Lived Body, Communication, Embodiment, Marxism, Abstract, Experience.

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