A Critical Understanding of Artificial Intelligence: A Phenomenological Foundation

Conditions For Public Decisions

Author(s): Algis Mickunas and Joseph Pilotta

Pp: 206-226 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123401123010013

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Chapter 11 entertains the tensions between the development of future artificial intelligence structures and the priorities of universal human rights, which necessitate the founding of a public domain. We return to our discussion of the effects of Enlightenment theorizing on the current situation, contrasting that with the possibilities afforded by taking a phenomenological approach to the concept of human rights. The limits of personal autonomy are discussed, and phenomenological concepts that were explicated earlier in work are applied to this question of human rights, which are discussed in conjunction with, as well as in opposition to, the effects of the globalizing logic that advocates for the unfettered application of computer logic to all aspects of life.

Keywords: Autonomous Freedom, Causality, Human Rights, Image, Intersignification, Logic, Meaning, Perception, Reflexivity, Subject, Understanding

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