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A Critical Understanding of Artificial Intelligence: A Phenomenological Foundation

Transcendental Self-Awareness and Time

Author(s): Algis Mickunas and Joseph Pilotta

Pp: 55-69 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123401123010006

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 Chapter 4 further investigates the importance of time, and human awareness of it, as that relates to artificial intelligence, apprehending time from a perspective that emphasizes its similarities to any other “thing”. The chapter begins with a discussion of the importance of a paradigm that prioritizes rational thought structures. Thus, the discussion turns to questions of the "now" point, field awareness, and the nature of causality, based on the philosophizing of Edmund Husserl. The issues of intentionality and representationalism are addressed in relation to artificial intelligence as well as to the self, the other, and social understanding in general.

Keywords: Being, Field, Thing, Instrumental Reason, Intentionality

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