Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities and Villages: Advanced Technologies, Development, and Challenges

IoT Enabled Smart Village for Sustainable Development

Author(s): Dankan G. Veeranna*, Sridhara S. Boraiah, Ramesha Muniyappa, Manoj K. S. Boraiah and Devananda S. Narayanappa

Pp: 194-215 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049251122010014

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In recent years, large-scale urbanisation has been on the rise, with cities
being the hubs for growth, but rural business continues to play an important role in any
country's overall development. A recent report reveals that almost 69% of India's
population resides in their villages, accounting for almost 50% of the nation's GDP.
This agricultural region varies from small towns with less than 500 residents to small
towns. There are also similar situations in western nations. Despite their economic
contribution, smaller villages seem to earn less in terms of infrastructural expenditure.
The major problems addressed in these small towns include a shortage of adequate
public transit, emergency care, and limited knowledge of federal subsidies for rural
areas. Our vision is to expand the smart city to the smart village by allowing the use of
recent technical advances and giving more attention to the problems in rural areas. This
chapter aims to bring IoT technology to Villages by literally showing a network of
linked sensors and knowledge dissemination devices, controlling energy use, and
ensuring infrastructure protection. It gives a wide-ranging vision of enhancing the
standard of living in villages and encourages them to meet the essential needs of
domestic villagers.

Keywords: Big data, Cloud computing, Information and communication technology, Internet of Things, Smart city, Smart village.

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