Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities and Villages: Advanced Technologies, Development, and Challenges

Humanoid Robot for Aadhaar Service in Rural Development

Author(s): Appala S. Muttipati*, Sangeeta Viswanadham and Brahmaji Godi

Pp: 44-66 (23)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049251122010006

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According to the norms of the Indian government, Aadhaar provides singlesource
identity verification across the country for the residents. Currently, Aadhaar
services are inadequate in our country. Even now, more than 30% of our Indian
population's information is not available with the Aadhaar server. According to the
2019 population census, about 89 crores of people are residents in rural areas. In our
country, due to more population and fewer resources, much of the rural people’s
information is not completely informed up to the mark. Even the government is taking
relevant steps to collect the right information from the rural people. In this concern,
other hidden reasons are also affecting rural development such as lack of education,
awareness, and nearby resources. In the existing scenario, no sufficiently advanced
automation system is available for Aadhaar services in rural areas. In the view of the
Aadhaar grievance service, to overcome these issues researchers have proposed a
model that can support the existing system using humanoid robots with an Artificial
Intelligence (AI) technique. The present study is about the humanoid robot which
collects the information and process mechanisms with similarity to the human mind. It
is designed with various integrated devices such as an Iris scanning system, User
interface display board, Fingerprint authenticator, automated printer, etc. An AI
decision marking system supports user interaction with the Robot. It accepts the
authentication and allows the user for further interaction.

Keywords: Aadhaar services, Artificial Intelligence, Humanoid robot, Internet of Things.

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