A Comprehensive Guide to Nanoparticles in Medicine


Author(s): Rituparna Acharya *

Pp: 167-170 (4)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681088358121010014


From the last half of the century, scientists are developing nanoparticles for a wide variety of applications. Novel synthesis methods are explored to make them ideal for medical applications. They may be used for the detection of biological or chemical substances for the diagnosis of many disease conditions. Moreover, drugs are also delivered through nanoparticles to the target organ. Further, RNAi therapy is also supported by nanoparticles that help in the delivery of siRNA/shRNA/miRNA to the target site. DNA molecules are also conjugated with nanoparticles for gene therapy. Other than drug or gene therapy, antigens and other immunomodulators are also delivered through nanoparticles to enhance the immune response. Different vaccination strategies are also followed through nanoparticles for increased immunostimulation.

Keywords: Bioavailability, Biotechnology, Biosensing, Carbon nanoparticle, Drug delivery, Electrospraying, Gold nanoparticle, Inorganic nanoparticle, miRNA, Nanoparticle, Nanomedicine, Nanotechnology, Nanodiagnostic, Nanocarriers, Organic nanoparticle, Polymeric nanoparticle, Silver nanoparticle, siRNA, shRNA, Theranostic.

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