Multidisciplinary Interventions for People with Diverse Needs - A Training Guide for Teachers, Students, and Professionals

The Daily Life´s Routines of Children with Disabilities

Author(s): Helena Mesquita, João Serrano, Samuel Honório, Marco Batista and Jaime Ribeiro

Pp: 64-80 (17)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811446771120010007

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The objective of this research is to know the activities, the routes, the places visited and the obstacles identified in daily life routines of children/youth with disabilities, living in urban environments, during the time in which they are off the school period. In methodological terms, we used as instruments of study an anamnesis fact sheet and a routine diary that was completed by the parents together with the child/youth, an Individual Educational Plans (IEP) and a semi-structured narrative interview. Eight subjects between the ages of 9 and 15, all with different pathologies, were part of the study. The study was exploratory, descriptive and analytical. The results demonstrated that the subjects are supported in their routines by their parents and other relatives. Weekly out-of-school routines are primarily focused in the home (meaningful and important place) with activities classified mostly as sedentary ones in which they use little materials and, in the places, where they perform specific activities (Therapies, Tutoring, Music Conservatory and Catechism). The age and pathologies associated with each subject are factors that influence autonomy and independence of mobility. They visited few places and did so mainly in the company of family members. The main obstacles encountered in the routes performed are closely related to their pathology, showing difficulties in interacting with their peers. We conclude that the children/young people who participated in the study engaged in few activities and these were mostly in the home and sedentary. They visit few places, have poor independence of mobility, and interact poorly with others.

Keywords: Activities, Autonomy, Children, Disability, Mobility, Movement, Objects and subjects, Obstacles, Physical activity, Places frequented, Routes

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