Frontiers in Aerospace Science

Volume: 2

Correlations Between Pressure Fluctuation and Vortex Motion

Author(s): Chaoqun Liu, Qin Li, Yonghua Yan, Yong Yang, Guang Yang and Xiangrui Dong

Pp: 252-262 (11)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681085975117020010

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In this chapter, the correlation between density and pressure fluctuation and vortex motion is studied. The correlation between flow separation and vortex motion is studied as well. The correlation clearly shows the vortex ring generation, size, frequencies, and strength are closely related to the fluctuation of density and pressure. This would provide a powerful tool for SBLI control and noise reduction.

Keywords: Correlation, Flow separation, Fluctuation, Mean value, Noise reduction, Shock, Shock and vortex interaction, Vortex ring, Vorticity.

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