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Fad Diets: Dietary Dilemmas, Predicaments, and Recommendations for its Use

Author(s): Jyoti Singh, Prasad Rasane*, Vidisha Tomer, Sawinder Kaur, Yogesh Gat, Kajal Dhawan, Dipendra K. Mahato and Vikas Kumar

Volume 16, Issue 9, 2020

Page: [1362 - 1380] Pages: 19

DOI: 10.2174/1573401316999200407092922

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The health issues, mainly overweight and obesity are the growing concerns nowadays due to the associated factors and lifestyle changes which significantly have increased the individual’s health care expenditures. Fad diets are promoted as the easiest and simplest way of shedding the extra weight despite the availability of several treatments available. The prevention and treatment measures, including modification in lifestyle, dietary pattern, and physical activity, are the foundation of weight loss. However, the standard treatment measures are not effective for certain populations as they require long time adherence, which leads to the search for other approaches like fad diet. We steered a comprehensive literature review to present the facts related to fad diets to their efficacy and sustainability. Although fad diets have yielded tremendous positive results in weight loss and cardiovascular risk prevention, the studies reported death in long-term interventions and the results and some of them show side effects too. Randomized controlled trials have significantly reported weight loss in comparison with the popular fad diets; however, persisting on the same diet has also reported kidney problems, ketosis, and other metabolic related problems. The conclusion of this critical review reported that gradual weight loss could be attained by the combination of lifestyle modifications, physical activity, and recommended dietary approaches.

Keywords: Body weight, cardiovascular risk, diet, ketosis, kidney problems, weight loss.

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