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Morin Inhibits Ovarian Cancer Growth through the Inhibition of NF-κB Signaling Pathway

Author(s): Meimei Xu and Yan Zhang*

Volume 19, Issue 18, 2019

Page: [2243 - 2250] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/1871521409666191014164742

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Background & Objective: Ovarian cancer has the highest mortality in gynecological tumors without effective therapeutic drugs as a result of drug-resistance for long-term utilization. Morin has been reported to possess powerful anti-tumor effects in several cancers. The present study aims to investigate whether Morin could influence ovarian cancer growth and underlying mechanisms.

Methods: Morin was administered to cultured cells in vitro and formed tumors in vivo. MTT and colony formation assays were performed to explore the effects of Morin on the proliferation and colony formation of OVCAR3 and SKOV3 ovarian cancer cells. Western blot, RT-qPCR, immunofluorescence as well as ELISA were used to detect protein and mRNA expression of target factors. Tumor formation was performed to investigate tumorigenesis ability of drug-treated cells.

Results: The proliferation and colony size of OVCAR3 and SKOV3 were significantly decreased after Morin administration. The expression of NF-κB and inflammatory cytokine IL6/8 induced by TNF-α can be inhibited by Morin. Furthermore, Morin inhibited the volume of ovarian cancer tumors in nude mice.

Conclusion: Morin effectively alleviates ovarian cancer growth, inhibits the inflammatory response, and reduces tumor size via modulation of the NF-κB pathway.

Keywords: Morin, ovarian tumor, C/EBPβ, endoplasmic reticulum, NF-κB, mRNA expression.

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