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Published Contents of Volume 4, 2010
General Articles
Armadillo Repeat Containing 8α Binds to HRS and Promotes HRS Interaction with Ubiquitinated Proteins, 2010,4: 1-8
Koji Tomaru, Atsuhisa Ueda, Takeyuki Suzuki, Nobuaki Kobayashi, Jun Yang, Masaki Yamamoto, Mitsuhiro Takeno, Takeshi Kaneko, Yoshiaki Ishigatsubo

[Electronic publication date: 13/ 1/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-1] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010001]

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Investigation of Interaction of Vaccinia Virus Complement Control Protein and Curcumin with Complement Components C3 and C3b Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring Technology, 2010,4: 9-21
Amod P. Kulkarni, Philippa J. Randall, Krishna Murthy, Lauriston A. Kellaway, Girish J. Kotwal

[Electronic publication date: 27/ 1/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-9] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010009]

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Effects of Detergents on Activity, Thermostability and Aggregation of Two Alkalithermophilic Lipases from Thermosyntropha lipolytica, 2010,4: 22-28
Moh’d A Salameh, Juergen Wiegel

[Electronic publication date: 5/ 3/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-22] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010022]

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The Impact of the Level of the Intestinal Short Chain Fatty Acids in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients Versus Healthy Subjects, 2010,4: 53-58
N. Huda-Faujan, A.S. Abdulamir, A.B. Fatimah, O. Muhammad Anas, M. Shuhaimi, A.M. Yazid, Y.Y. Loong

[Electronic publication date: 13/ 5/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-53] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010053]

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Conformational States and Kinetics of the Calcium Binding Domain of NADPH Oxidase 5 , 2010,4: 59-67
Chin-Chuan Wei, Nicole Motl, Kelli Levek, Liu Qi Chen, Ya-Ping Yang, Tremylla Johnson, Lindsey Hamilton, Dennis J Stuehr

[Electronic publication date: 18/ 5/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-59] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010059]

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Predominantly Cytoplasmic Localization in Yeast of ASR1, a Non-Receptor Transcription Factor from Plants, 2010,4: 68-71
Nicolás Urtasun, Susana Correa García, Norberto D Iusem, Mariana Bermúdez Moretti

[Electronic publication date: 20/ 5/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-68] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010068]

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Leukocyte Count versus C-Reactive Protein Levels in Obese Portuguese Patients Aged 6-12 Years Old, 2010,4: 72-76
Henrique Nascimento, Susana Rocha, Carla Rego, Helena Ferreira Mansilha, Alexandre Quintanilha, Alice Santos-Silva, Luís Belo

[Electronic publication date: 10/ 6/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-72] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010072]

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Potential Therapeutic Effects of Vitamin E and C on Placental Oxidative Stress Induced by Nicotine: An In Vitro Evidence , 2010,4: 77-82
Chiara Gallo, Paolo Renzi, Stefano Loizzo, Alberto Loizzo, Sonia Piacente, Michela Festa, Mariella Caputo, Mario Felice Tecce, Anna Capasso

[Electronic publication date: 24/ 6/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-77] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010077]

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Systematic Comparison of Crystal and NMR Protein Structures Deposited in the Protein Data Bank, 2010,4: 83-95
Kresimir Sikic, Sanja Tomic, Oliviero Carugo

[Electronic publication date: 3/ 9/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-83] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010083]

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Effects of Red Grape Juice Consumption on High Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol, Apolipoprotein AI, Apolipoprotein B and Homocysteine in Healthy Human Volunteers, 2010,4: 96-99
Mohammad H Khadem-Ansari, Yousef Rasmi, Fatemeh Ramezani

[Electronic publication date: 15/ 12/ 2010 ] [Collection year: 2010 ]
[Publisher Id: TOBIOCJ-4-96] [DOI: 10.2174/1874091X01004010096]

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