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Volume 10, 2 Issues, 2017

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Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering

Formerly: Recent Patents on Chemical Engineering

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Yousheng Tao

Haixi Institutes, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering


Volume 9


Number 2


Modeling and Simulation of Various Startup Scenarios of Compressors

Pavan Kumar Veldandi, V. Ramesh Kumar and Chintha Sailu

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An Overview of Epoxidation of Vegetable Oils with Peracid-Reaction Mechanism

Intan Suhada Azmi, Mohd Jumain Jalil and Ahmad Rafizan Mohammad Daud

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Ultralight MgO and Its Efficient Adsorption to Pb2+ and Mn2+

Yichang Liu, Deng Zhang, Pei Xie , Yanzhen Hong, Yuzhong Su, Hongtao Wang and Jun Li

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Preparation of Substituted Compounds of Lithium Indium Bromide and Fabrication of All Solid-State battery

Yasumasa Tomita, Hiroo Nishiyam, Koji Yamada, Yoshiumi Kohno and Kenkichiro Kobayashi

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Theoretical Study of Particulate Flows Formation in Circulating Fluidized Bed

Vadim Mizonov, Andrey Mitrofanov, Arnold Camelo and Lev Ovchin

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High Pore Volume Silica from Sodium Silicate

, 2015; 8(1): 3 - 13

Bao Zhu, Yanmei Zhang, Yichang Liu, Wenxin Wei, Lei Song, Xiaohui Hu, Hongtao Wang and Jun Li

DOI: 10.2174/2405520407666151211214934
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Surface Chemical Modification of Nanosilica for Reinforcing Silicone Rubber

, 2014; 7(2): 57 - 65

Tianlu Chen, Chunrong Xiong, Zhiming Nie, Shengjin Wang, Xiaojian Tang, Jianhua Li, Chenghui Wang, Fangke Wang and Yousheng Tao

DOI: 10.2174/2405520407666150425003453
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