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Volume 10, 4 Issues, 2017

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Prof. Debomoy K. Lahiri
Department of Psychiatry Indiana University School of Medicine
Indianapolis, IN

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Articles Ahead of Print

Carnosine Treatment Diminished Oxidative Stress and Glycation Products in Serum and Tissues of D-Galactose-Treated Rats

Fatih Aydin, Esra Betul Kalaz, Canan Kucukgergin, Jale Coban, Semra Dogru-Abbasoglu and Mujdat Uysal.

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Is Longevity a Heritable Trait? Evidence for Non-genomic Influence from an Extended Longevity Phenotype of Drosophila melanogaster

S Deepashree, Thimmappa Shivanandappa and Saraf R Ramesh.

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Cytoskeleton-anchoring of Conformational Mutant-like p53, but Not Shorter Isoforms p53β and p47 (ΔN40p53) in Senescent Human Fibroblasts

Koji Nishio.

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The Click Test: A Novel Tool to Quantify the Age-Related Decline of Fast Motor Sequencing of the Thumb

Florian Bodranghien , Helene Mahé , Benjamin Baude, Mario Ubaldo Manto , Yves Busegnies, Stéphane Camut , Christophe Habas , Peter Marien , Giovanni de Marco and Kim van Dun.

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Support and Social Contact as a Decisive Meta-variable in Morbidity and Social Welfare of the Older Person

Luis Miguel Rondón García, Blanca Aranzazu Aguirre Arizala, Francisco José García García and Carmen Castillo Gallego.

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Neurons vs. Germline: A War of Hormetic Tradeoffs

Marios Kyriazis.

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Acute Symptomatic Seizures in Geriatric Patients with Multiple Risk Factors – A Diagnostic Challenge

Ralf Landwehr and Robert Liszka.

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Protein Tyrosine Nitration: Role in Aging

Bulbul Chakravarti and Deb Narayan Chakravarti.

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A Random Forest-Induced Distance-Based Measure of Physiological Dysregulation

Ghalib Ayodeji Bello and Gerard Dumancas.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Past is Never Dead; It’s Not Even Past

Stephen C Bondy.

Association Study of IL-4 -590 C/T and DDX39B -22 G/C Polymorphisms with The Risk of Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease in Iranian Population

Soosanabadi Mohsen, Bayat Hadi, Kamali Kourosh, Saliminejad Kioomars, Banan Mehdi and Khorram Khorshid Hamid Reza.

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Commentary: What is Aging? Can it be Eliminated?

Michael A Singer.


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