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Volume 17, 32 Issues, 2017

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Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

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Articles Ahead of Print

Chemometric Analysis of Inter- and Intra-Molecular Diversification Factors by a Machine Learning Simplex Approach. A Review and Research on Astragalus saponins

Abir Sarraj-Laabidi, Habib Messai, Asma Hammami-Semmar Hammami-Semmar and Nabil Semmar.

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Engineering Synergistically Active and Bioavailable Cost-effective Medicines for Neglected Tropical Diseases; The Role of Excipients

Dolores R. Serrano, Aikaterini Lalatsa and M Auxiliadora Dea-Ayuela.

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Design, Preparation and Characterization of Modular Squalene-based Nanosystems for Controlled Drug Release

Jiao Feng, Sinda Lepetre-Mouelhi and Patrick Couvreur.

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Review on Bioorganometallic Chemistry and New Outcomes in the Synthesis and Substitution of Tetracarbonyl(pyrrolylimine) Complexes of Rhenium with Organophosphorus Ligands

Antoine Simonneau, Franck Le Bideau, Jean-Hugues Mirebeau, Jérôme Marrot and Gérard Jaouen.

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Design of Multi-Target Agents for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Tacrine

Hongzhi Lin , Qi Li , Kai Gu , Jie Zhu , Xueyang Jiang , Yao Chen and Haopeng Sun.

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Multi-targeting Strategies for Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutics: Pros and Cons

Sucharita Das and Soumalee Basu.

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Arylurea Derivatives: A Class of Potential Cancer Targeting Agents

Jia-Nian Chen, De-Wen Wu, Ting Li, Kang-Jian Yang, Li Cheng, Zu-Ping Zhou, Shi-Ming Pu and Wan-Hua Lin.

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Evaluation of Temporal Changes in Urine-based Metabolomic and Kidney Injury Markers to Detect Compound Induced Acute Kidney Tubular Toxicity in Beagle Dogs

M P. Wagoner, Y. Yang, J. E. McDuffie, M. Klapczynski, W. Buck, L Cheatham, D. Eisinger, F. Sace, K. M. Lynch , M. Sonee, J-Y. Ma, Y. Chen, K. Marshall, M. Damour , L. Stephen, Y. P. Dragan, J. Fikes, S. Snook and L B Kinter.

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LC/MS/MS Profiling of Tissue Oxysterols and its Application in Dextran Sodium Sulphate Induced Mouse Colitis Models

Jiejun Wu, J. Eric McDuffie, Jiao Song, Michael C. Harris, Holly Raymond, Yafei Chen, Leslie Nguyen, Steven Nguyen, Justin Kanerva, Heather M. McAllister, Xiaohu Deng, Neelakandha Mani, Changlu Liu and Siquan Sun.

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Multi-Targeted Anticancer Agents

Wei Zheng, Yao Zhao, Qun Luo, Yang Zhang, Kui Wu and Fuyi Wang.

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Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Abnormalities and Proteins Deposition: Multitarget Approaches in Alzheimer’s Disease

Giulia Nesi , Simona Sestito, Maria Digiacomo and Simona Rapposelli.

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An In Vivo Rat α-D-glucose Stable Isotope Homeostasis Drug Discovery Screen: A Targeted Metabolomics Approach

G Caldwell and Wensheng Lang.

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Molecular Determinants of Chronic Liver Disease as Studied by NMR Metabolomics

Nieves Embade and Oscar Millet.

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Metabolomics Applications in Precision Medicine: An Oncological Perspective

Leonor Puchades-Carrasco and Antonio Pineda- Lucena.

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Can Untargeted Metabolomics Be Utilized in Drug Discovery/Development?

G Caldwell and Gregory C Leo.

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