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Volume 20, 10 Issues, 2017

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Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

New hMAO-A Inhibitors with Potential Antidepressant Activity: Design, Synthesis, Biological Screening and Evaluation of Pharmacological Activity

Begüm Evranos Aksöz , Gülberk Uçar, Sadık Taşkın Taş, Erkan Aksöz, Kemal Yelekçi, Açelya Erikçi, Yıldırım Sara and Alper Bektas İskit.

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Pharmacophore, 3D-QSAR models and Dynamic Simulation of 1,4-Benzothiazines for Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Amit Rai, Vinit Raj, Mohamed Hodhod Aboumanei, Ashok K Singh, Amit K Keshari, Suraj P.Verma and Sudipta Saha.

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Structural Investigation of Vinca domain tubulin binders by Pharmacophore, Atom based QSAR, Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Mohd. Athar, Mohsin Yousuf Lone, Vijay M. Khedkar, Ashish Radadiya, Anamik Shah and Prakash C Jha.

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Design, Synthesis and hMAO Inhibitory Screening of Novel 2-Pyrazoline Analogues

Begüm Evranos Aksöz, Gülberk Uçar and Kemal Yelekçi.

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Fe3O4@SiO2@KIT-6 as an efficient and reusable catalyst for the synthesis of novel derivatives of 3,3'-((Aryl-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)methylene)bis(1H-indole)

Mohammad Nikpassand, Leila Zare Fekri and Mozhdeh Nabatzadeh.

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The safety of ovarian preservation in stage I endometrioid adenocarcinoma based on propensity score matching

Ting Hou, Zhen Wang, Yidi Sun, Chenglin Liu, Junyi Li and Yixue Li.

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Identification of cell cycle-regulated genes by convolutional neural network

Chenglin Liu, Peng Cui and Tao Huang.

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Docking-related survey on Natural-product-based new monoamine oxidase inhibitors and their therapeutic potential

Priyanka Dhiman, Neelam Malik and Anurag Khatkar.

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Combined Approach of QSAR and Docking Studies for the Design of Local Anaesthetic Agents

S Zheng.

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Harmony Search as a Powerful Tool for Feature Selection in QSPR Study of the Drugs Lipophilicity

Behnoosh Bahadori and Morteza Atabati.

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Targeting pyrimidine pathway of Plasmodium knowlesi: new strategies towards identification of novel antimalarial chemotherapeutic agents

Mayank Rashmi, Manoj Kumar Yadav and D Swati.

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Validation of TZD Scaffold as Potential ARIs: Pharmacophore Modelling, Atom-based 3D QSAR and Docking Studies

Lalita Dahiya, Manoj Kumar Mahapatra, Ramandeep Kaur, Vipin Kumar and Manoj Kumar.

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A feature and algorithm selection method for improving the prediction of protein structural class

Qianwu Ni and Lei Chen.

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Prediction of Lysine Malonylation Sites Based on Pseudo Amino Acid Compositions

Qilin Xiang, Kaiyan Feng, Bo Liao, Yuewu Liu and Guohua Huang.

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A novel protein characterization based on Pseudo Amino Acids composition and Star-like graph topological indices

Qi Dai, Hong Tao, Tingting Ma, Yuhua Yao and Pingan He.

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Computational prediction of protein epsilon lysine acetylation sites based on a feature selection method

JianZhao Gao, Xue-Wen Tao, Jia Zhao, Yuan-Ming Feng, Yu-Dong Cai and Ning Zhang.

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Prediction and Identification of Krüppel-like transcription factors by machine learning method

Zhijun Liao, Xinrui Wang, Xingyong Chend and Quan Zoub.

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Therapeutic, molecular and computational aspects of novel monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors

M Ramesh , Yussif M. Dokurugu, Michael D. Thompson and Mahmoud Soliman.

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ZnO-nanorods as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of thiazole derivatives in water

Sayyed Jalal Shams-Najafi, Mostafa Gholizadeh, Ali Ahmadpour and Faramarz Rostami-Charati.

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Recognizing and predicting thioether bridges formed by lanthionine and β-methyllanthionine in lantibiotics using a random forest approach with feature selection

ShaoPeng Wang, Yu-Hang Zhang, Ning Zhang, Lei Chen, Tao Huang and Yu-Dong Cai.

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Prediction of the Ebola virus infection related human genes using protein-protein interaction network

HuanHuan Cao, YuHang Zhang, Jia Zhao, Liucun Zhu, Yi Wang, JiaRui Li, Yuanming Feng and Ning Zhang.

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Structural Exploration of Synthetic Chromones as Selective MAO-B Inhibitors: A Mini Review

Bijo Mathew, Githa Elizabeth Mathew, Jacobus P. Petzer and Anel Petzer.

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In silico prediction of chemical toxicity profile using local lazy learning

Jing Lu, Pin Zhang, Xiaowen Zou, Xiaoqiang Zhao, Keguang Cheng, Yilei Zhao, Yi Bi, Mingyue Zheng and Xiaomin Luo.

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Molecular characterization and in-silico analysis of the tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-3 (TIMP-3) gene of canine mammary tumor

Pavan Kumar Yadav, Brijesh Singh Yadav, Padma Nibash Panigrahi, Vijay Tripathi, Navaneet Chaturvedi and Meena Kataria.

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Recent advances in developing photosensitizers for photodynamic cancer therapy

Cong Chen, Jianmin Wang, Xiaoyan Li, Xiaolong Liu and Xiao Han.

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