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Volume 20, 10 Issues, 2017

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Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening

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Gerald H. Lushington

LiS Consulting, Lawrence

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"Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening is a pivotal journal in the field of drug discovery."

Norman R. Farnsworth
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Forthcoming Special Issue(s)

Computational chemistry and synthetic strategy of the design of Novel Monoamine oxidase inhibitors

Guest Editor(s): Bijo Mathew
Tentative Publication Date: December, 2016
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Authors' Comments
I would like to thank you, Dr. Bijo Mathew and Bentham Science Publishers for providing help in all the steps of the publication process. It was a very good experience for me to work with Bentham Science Publishers due to your prompt replies to my queries. Thanks for everything.

Begüm Evranos Aksöz
(Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, Analyses and Control Laboratories, 06100 Sıhhıye, Ankara, Turkey)

Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening


Volume 20


Number 5

Synthesis and Anticancer Evaluation of Thiazacridine Derivatives Reveals New Selective Molecules to Hematopoietic Neoplastic Cells

Moacyr Jesus Barreto de Melo Rêgo, Wanessa Layssa Batista de Sena, Ricardo Olímpio de Moura, Iris Trindade Tenório Jacob, Thiago Ubiratan Lins e Lins, Michelly Cristiny Pereia, Maria do Carmo Alves de Lima, Marina Rocha Galdino-Pitta, Ivan da Rocha Pitta and Maira Galdino da Rocha Pitta

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Pharmacophore, 3D-QSARmodels and Dynamic Simulation of 1,4-Benzothiazines for Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Amit Rai, Vinit Raj, Mohamed Hodhod Aboumanei, Ashok K Singh, Amit K Keshari, Suraj P.Verma and Sudipta Saha

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New hMAO-A Inhibitors with Potential Antidepressant Activity: Design, Synthesis, Biological Screening and Evaluation of Pharmacological Activity

Begüm Evranos Aksöz , Gülberk Uçar, Sadık Taşkın Taş, Erkan Aksöz, Kemal Yelekçi, Açelya Erikçi, Yıldırım Sara and Alper Bektas İskit

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Prediction of the Ebola Virus Infection Related Human Genes Using Protein-Protein Interaction Network

HuanHuan Cao, YuHang Zhang, Jia Zhao, Liucun Zhu, Yi Wang, JiaRui Li, Yuanming Feng and Ning Zhang

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Engineering of an episomal plasmid suitable for high-throughput expression in Pichia pastoris

Huan Chen, Cui Cao, Anna Kulinich, Li Liu, Yong-Sam Jung and Josef Voglmeir

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Molecular dynamics and biological evaluation of 2-chloro-7-cyclopentyl-7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives against breast cancer

Kulathooran Singaram, Dhamodaran Marimuthu, Selvakumar Baskaran, Suresh Kumar Chinaga, Dhivya Shanmugarajan and Thangavel Vadivel

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New Research for Quinazoline-2,4-diones as HPPD Inhibitors Based on 2D-MLR and 3D-QSAR Models

Ying Fu, Yi-Na Sun, Hai-Feng Cao, Ke-Han Yi, Li-Xia Zhao, Jia-Zhong Li and Fei Ye

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Molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation based approach to explore the dual inhibitor against HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and Integrase

Subhash Chander, Rajan Kumar Pandey, Ashok Penta, Bhanwar Singh Choudhary, Manish Sharma, Ruchi Malik, Vijay Kumar Prajapati and Sankaranarayanan Murugesan

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Caffeic Acid in dermatological formulations: in vitro release profile and skin absorption

Caroline Magnani Spagnol , Leonardo Delello Di Filippo, Vera Lucia Borges Isaac , Marcos Antonio Corrêa and Hérida Regina Nunes Salgado

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Metabolomics as a Functional Tool in Screening Gastro Intestinal Diseases: Where are we in High Throughput Screening?

, 2017; 20(3): 247 - 254

Rohit Gundamaraju, Ravichandra Vemuri, Rajaraman Eri, Hamilton M. Ishiki, Ericsson Coy-Barrera, Nagendra Sastry Yarla, Sócrates Golzio dos Santos, Mateus Feitosa Alves, José Maria Barbosa Filho, Margareth F. F. M. Diniz, Marcus T. Scotti and Luciana Scotti

DOI: 10.2174/1386207319666161220122903
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Natural Products as a Source for Antileishmanial and Antitrypanosomal Agents

, 2016; 19(7): 537 - 553

Marcus Tullius Scotti, Luciana Scotti, Hamilton Ishiki, Frederico Fávaro Ribeiro, Rayssa Marques Duarte da Cruz, Michelle Pedrosa de Oliveira and Francisco Jaime Bezerra Mendonça

DOI: 10.2174/1386207319666160506123921
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