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Volume 17, 14 Issues, 2017

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Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry

Formerly: Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Cancer Agents

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Michelle Prudhomme
Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand
Université Clermont Auvergne

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Major highlights of the CAR-TCR Summit, Boston, 2016

Vita Golubovskaya, Robert Berahovich, Shirley Xu, Hizkia Harto and Lijun Wu.

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Anticancer Activities of New N-hetaryl-2-cyanoacetamide Derivatives Incorporating 4,5,6,7-Tetrahydrobenzo[b]thiophene Moiety

Magda F. Mohamed, Yasmin M Attia, Samia A. Shouman and Ismail A Abdelhamid.

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Synthesis and evaluation of cytotoxic activity of Some Pyrroles and Fused Pyrroles

Samar S. Fatahala, Mosaad S. Mohamed, Mahmoud Youns and Rania H Abd-El Hameed.

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Anticancer and Cytotoxic activities of [Cu(C6H16N2O2)2][Ni(CN)4] and [Cu(C6H16N2O2)Pd(CN)4] Cyanidometallate Compounds on HT29, HeLa, C6 and Vero Cell Lines

Ali Aydın, Şengül Aslan Korkmaz, Veysel Demir and Şaban Tekin.

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C-glycosyl flavone from Urginea indica inhibits growth and dissemination of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells in mice

Ganesh Babu Bevara, A.D Naveen Kumar, K Koteswramma Laxmi, Anil Kumar Badana, Seema Kumari, Nagendra Sastry Yarla and Rama Rao Malla.

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Nano-Delivery In Pediatric Tumors: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Marta Colletti, Virginia Di Paolo, Angela Galardi, Giuseppe Maria Milano, Angela Mastronuzzi, Franco Locatelli and Angela Di Giannatale.

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Cytokine Status Of Serum In Ovarian Cancer Patients With Different Tumor Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response

Inna I. Antoneeva, Tatyana V. Abakumova, Dinara R. Dolgova, Tatyana P. Gening, Sabina S. Pirmamedova, Dinara F. Myasnikova and Snezhanna O Gening.

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Development of Selective Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 4 Inhibitors for Antineoplastic Therapies

Haixing Guan, Yongli Du, Weiwei Han, Jingkang Shen and Qunyi Li.

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Inhibition of TGF-β signaling in tumor cells by small molecule Src family kinase inhibitors

Tobias Bartscht, Benjamin Rosien, Dirk Rades, Roland Kaufmann, Harald Biersack, Hendrik Lehnerta and Hendrik Ungefroren.

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Cytotoxic, Antiproliferative and Apoptotic Effects of Perillyl Alcohol and Its Biotransformation Metabolite on A549 and HepG2 Cancer Cell Lines

Ceren E. Oturanel, İsmail Kıran, Özge Özşen, Gülşen A. Çiftçi and Özlem Atlı.

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Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of a phenyl butyric acid derivative, N-(4-chlorophenyl)-4-phenylbutanamide: A HDAC6 inhibitor with anti-proliferative activity on cervix cancer and leukemia cells

Rodríguez-Fonseca Rolando Alberto, Sixto-López Yudibeth, Fragoso-Vázquez M. Jonathan, Flores-Mejía Raúl, Cabrera-Pérez Laura Cristina, Vázquez-Moctezuma Ismael, Rosales-Hernández Martha Cecilia, Bello Martiniano, M. Martínez-Archundia, Trujillo-Ferrara José Guadalupe, Becerra-Martínez Elvia and Correa-Basurto José.

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Inhibition of Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition in Response to Treatment with Metformin and Y27632 in Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Camila Leonel, Lívia Carvalho Ferreira, Thaiz Ferraz Borin, Marina Gobbe Moschetta, Gabriela Scavacini Freitas, Michel Raineri Haddad, João Antonio de Camargos Pinto Robles and Debora Aparecida Pires de Campos Zuccari.

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Immune checkpoints aberrations and malignant mesothelioma: Assessment of prognostic value and evaluation of therapeutic potentials

Hadeer Mohamed, Mostafa Eltobgy and Omar Abdel-Rahman.

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Personalized Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy: A Call for Greater Precision

Nare Sahakyan, Amir Haddad, Shye Richardson, Valery Forcha-Etieundem, Lee Christopher, Hanan Alharbi and Robert Campbell.

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Targeting Leptin as a Therapeutic Strategy against Ovarian Cancer Peritoneal Metastasis

Xiao Wei, Yi Liu, Cheng Gong, Teng Ji, Xiaoshui Zhou, Taoran Zhang, Dongyi Wan, Sen Xu, Ping Jin, Xin Yang, Xiaoting Li, Ding Ma, Zongyuan Yang and Qinglei Gao.

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Double edge Sword Behavior of Carbendazim: A Potent Fungicide With Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Properties

Karan Goyal, Ajay Sharma, Ridhima Arya, Rohit Sharma, Girish K. Gupta and Anil K Sharma.

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In vitro anticancer evaluation of platinum(II/IV) complexes with diisoamyl ester of (S,S)-ethylenediamine-N,N’-di-2-propanoic acid

Bojana B. Zmejkovski, Nebojša Pantelić, Lana Filipović, Sandra Aranđelović, Siniša Radulović, Tibor J. Sabo and Goran N Kaluđerović.

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Congenital Malformations Attributed to Prenatal Exposure to Cyclophosphamide

Padmanabhan Rengasamy.

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The effect of a hexanoic acid linker insertion on the pharmacokinetics and tumor targeting properties of the melanoma imaging agent 99mTc-HYNIC-cycMSH

Vania Teixeira, Marcelo Fernández, Natalia Oddone, Xiuli Zhang, Fabio Gallazzi, Hugo Cerecetto, Juan Pablo Gambini, Williams Porcal, Pablo Cabral and Thomas P Quinn.

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Design and synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives as anti-cancer agent

Denish Viradiya, Sheefa Mirza, Faraz Shaikh, Rajesh Kakadiya, Anand Rathod, Nayan Jain, Rakesh Rawal and Anamik Shah.

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